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Instructions for Students: Assessment AT2: Scenario questions and answers
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The Assessment Task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved by your assessor.
Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.
Performance objective
You must demonstrate your knowledge and skills in planning and reviewing administrative systems.
Assessment description
This assessment assesses your skills and knowledge regarding some of the key areas covered within this unit.
1. Read the questions carefully and write your answers in the spaces provided.
2. If you do not understand any questions, ask your assessor for help.
• Answer all questions.
Read the scenario provided to you by your facilitator (Appendix 1 of this Assessment Task).
Question 1
You decide that the first step to be taken is to identify the requirements of the new administration system. Your task is to develop a questionnaire to be given to each stakeholder including the section Managers. These questions will provide you with the information you need to determine the specification and needs of your new administration system.
Question 2
A number of possible suppliers have been located to provide the administration system that you need. Write an email below addressed to the ‘prospective supplier’. The body of the email should request a response to the following:
• guarantees that their systems will address the specifications outlined in the e-mail
• include specifications of system
• details of other benefits their system offers
• quote price for installation and back up services
Issues revealed in your questionnaire of Ready to Rock stakeholders and other investigations have revealed these issues:
• there is no central record held for sales accessible by all departments
• Date of sale record from sales department conflict with Installation department records.
• Reconciliation of account files reveal that repair action was delivered to a customer with an unpaid sales invoice.
• Purchase of extra warranty periods of one to two years by customers is not recorded in an area accessible by Systems Maintenance. This has resulted in some customers receiving repair action on warranty that the warranty provider refused to honour.
• Budget does not exceed $10000
Based upon these issues write the specifications that address:
• Problem definition
• Proposed solution (for new or modified administrative system)
• Goals and objectives (of the new or modified administrative system)
• User requirements/expectations (including features and benefits)
• Performance standards (what performance are you expecting?)
• Processes/procedures (supplied with the system?)
• Budget (what is your price range?)
You can write your email in the space provided or on a separate document.

Question 3
You have a choice of three record systems to purchase. Your preferred option is the dearest as it amounts to $8500 and features outstanding back up service after sale. Review the purchasing policy (Appendix 2). List the stages – including the officers and committees that you need to take your request for purchase through – for approval compliant with the procedure.
Question 4
Using the following procedural template, detail the process you will follow to successfully implement the new administration system. In your process you must include measures addressing the following details:
• Whether you will engage external consultants or not, and what skills set the consultants will have.
• Strategies to consult with staff and encourage staff members to participate in all stages of the implementation/change process of the administration system.
• Strategies to provide staff training/information sessions. Measures taken must cater for current and future staff members not currently employed at system implementation. Measure must include strategies to assist underperforming staff members to cater for skill development to required levels?
• Strategies to communicate to staff directions regarding day to day processes by which the new administration system is to be used.
• Strategies to re distribute office tasks.
• Strategies to test systems before going live.
• Strategies to apply security of information including the measures you will take to safeguard against unauthorised access of information, computer viruses and protect confidentiality.
Your assessor will be looking to see that the following points are present:
• Statement of engagement of external consultants of what skill set, or not.
• Steps to consult with staff.
• Steps to include staff members to participate in all stages of the implementation/change process.
• Steps to provide staff with training and/or information sessions to ensure sufficient competency to use the system.
• Steps to assist underperforming staff members to develop to required levels.
• Steps for development of procedures to direct staff usage of system.
• Steps for re distribution of office tasks if needed.
• Steps to test systems before going live.
• Steps to apply security of information to safeguard against unauthorised access of information.
• Steps to protect computers against viruses.
# Action Description Standard Required Who

When complete, sign and date:
Job title Name Signature Date
Question 5
How will the system deal with risk of possible issues occurring that may threaten the integrity of the administration system? Address contingency measures in the box below against the risk described.
Risk Contingency measure
1, loss of staff confidence in the new system with the result that some staff create their own records and files
2. Initial training for users proves insufficient
3. Insufficient storage capacity
Question 6
18 months has now elapsed since implementation and the system is now in need of modifications. The Government has introduced regulations for the security industry that Ready to Rock must comply with to stay in business. The changes required can be summarised as:
• All officers responding to alarms are to be qualified and hold a Government licence which is to be recorded on every incident report.
• Reports of all call out responses must have a written report held by the central data base. The report must be written on the response site and filed before the officer departs the site. Call out sites range up to 30km from the base station.
• Officer’s computer literacy range from nil to advanced.
i. Your task is to document the new specification needed to the administration system to facilitate the new organisational requirements from these regulations
Problem definition
Proposed solution (for new or modified administrative system)
Goals and objectives (of the new or modified administrative system)
User requirements/expectations (including features and benefits)
Performance standards (what performance are you expecting?)
Processes/procedures (requirements to be supplied with the system?)
ii. Detail how you will notify users of the changes.
iii. How and when will the Response Officers’ training needs be assessed?
Question 7
In the following table list an area or issue against each of the legislations listed in the first column that will require a provision in the administration system to cater for it. The first area is completed as an example.
To meet for the requirements of: The Administration system should provide:
copyright laws A record of purchase details for photos for use in marketing materials purchased from organisations selling on the world wide web
1 The OHS Act
2 Codes of practice
3 Anti-discrimination legislation

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