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Case Study
Value: 20%
Due date: 17-Jan-2014
Return date: 07-Feb-2014
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Hand delivery (option applies to Internal only)
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Case Study: Pizza's R'Us
Pizza's R'Us is a family oriented business that intends to sell pizza's to customers through online ordering. To buy pizza, a person must register as a customer with Pizza's R'Us. The customer must provide a current physical address and telephone number as well as a current e-mail address. The system then maintains an open account for this person. Access to the system as a seller is through a secure, authenticated portal.
A customer can order pizza's on the system through a special Internet form. The form asks for all the pertinent information about the pizza: the pizza base, the base sauce, and the calculates the price. A customer may order as many pizza's as desired. The system maintains an category of common pizza's in the system so customers can use the search engine to search for their favorite pizza's. People who want to buy pizza's come to the site and search for the pizza's they want. When they decide to buy, they must open an account with a credit card to pay for the pizza's. The system maintains all this information on secure servers.
When a purchase is made, Pizza'sR' sends an e-mail notice to the customer with the order choice as well as payment information. It also notifies the store of the oreder. The system maintains an open order until it receives notice that the pizza has been delivered.
For this case, develop these diagrams:
1. A domain model class diagram
2. A list of uses cases and a use case diagram
3. A fully developed description for two use cases: Allow Customers to Order Online and Process Credit Payment
4. A System Sequence Diagram for each of the two use cases in question 3
5. An Activity diagram for any 1 use case as described in question 3
6. A Design class diagram for the class described in question 1

This assignment is intended to enable you to start making the link between theory and practice. The tasks will also help you apply your understanding and knowledge to real-life business situations. Of particular importance is the intention of this assignment to improve your understanding of use cases which are initial medium for describing (in some detail) what a system is supposed to do. The assignment tasks also test your ability to apply your knowledge of, and skills at, to describes the data and processing requirements, develop domain model, list of use cases, detailed use case descriptions, and SSD.
Marking criteria
This case describes the data and processing requirements. Students are required to develop domain model, list of use cases, detailed use case descriptions, and SSD. This task will be marked based on the technical accuracy and originality. Each question carry equal marks and marks will be awarded on the basis of the followings:
i. how well you can describe technical terms in formal way.
ii. including relevant diagrams,
iii. completeness of your descriptions,
vi. logical flow of diagram