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BUHRM 5912 ASSIGNMENT 1 (1700 – 1900 words)
Essay structure
1. Assignment cover template (Student ID & name, essay topic, lecture/tutor name, word count)
2. Executive summary (1 paragraph)
3. Introduction (1 paragraph) of topic and general theory
4. Body – to cover the arguments supported by examples and in-text-referencing
5. Conclusion (1 paragraph)
6. Reference list(APA STYLE) (minimum 5 sources)
7. Marking criteria-assignment 1 (please attach at the end of report)

Thoroughly investigate one of the following topic areas and discuss in relation to Human Resource Management.

Topic 1: Outline the formal industrial relations system in your own country and compare it to Australian industrial relations systems. Give your views on how appropriate your own system is for modern industry and commerce.

Topic 2: -OH&S legislation is the result of the vested interests of doctors and lawyers rather than genuine concern for employee health or management excellence'. Do you agree with this statement? Discuss.

You should draw on real-life work situations, research evidence and relevant HRM literature beyond your text book to substantiate and illuminate your viewpoints.

Criteria for Assessment:
• demonstrated understanding of the HRM topic;
• quality and completeness of the analysis and discussion;
• ability to analyse critical incidents and to apply HRM solutions;
• Written expression & correct presentation (format, completed and signed cover page, word count, line spacing, spell check etc.), and clarity of expression; and
• Evidence of appropriate reading & research (academic and other relevant journals, text and reference books), Use of in-text reference, completion of a full reference list using APA style.