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Email to teacher as a Word Document attachment with your name on it. No Cloud or PDF please. Put your name in the top right corner. DO NOT submit this assignment to Safe Assign. Double space the work and use a 12 point font. NO NAME - NO MARK.
Part 1 Instructions (Introductory Paragraph): (Value 5%)
Using the example format posted below for writing an Introduction to an essay in this course, write an Introduction for -The Step Not Taken- and -Trading Motherhood for Dollars-. Read both of these stories very carefully and begin making notes about the three main points that are found in these stories. You can decide on the three main points such as family, society, health and age, things that give them hope but make sure there are only 3 and they do not overlap with other main points.
Part 2 Instructions (Outline): (Value 5%)
1. Below read the Compare and Contrast Outline sample.
2. Follow the format for writing an outline for paragraphs 2 and 3 and 4. Write a full sentence for the first main point and then list 2-4 details to support the main point for Story #1 (The Step Not Taken) and then in the same paragraph list 2-4 details to support the main point from Story #2 (Trading Motherhood for Dollars). The details can be written in point form (bullets).
3. For each main point supply the details from each story to support it. Don't mix up the details. Write all the details for one story and then all the details from the second story.
4. Conclusion
Read the instructions for the conclusion and write a full paragraph for the conclusion.
Take your time and do a good job on the introduction, conclusion and outline for paragraphs 2, 3 and 4. If you do what is required you will find it much easier to move forward with the final essay for this assignment which will be due on July 16 by 11:59PM. Remember the introduction needs the authors full names. titles of their stories, a topic sentence (which is very general and a thesis which is the most important idea of the stories. A topic sentence will also introduce each main point for paragraphs 2, 3 and 4. For instance, you might say -both authors deal with regret-. You give details to support why Sampang is feeling regret and then details to support why D'Angelo feels regret. Stay organized
Both parts are due on July 16. No extensions as I have given you lots of time to do this carefully. Send them as one
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