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This is an individual assignment that contributes to 30% of the grade for the unit. Please use short answer format to demonstrate understanding (do not use essay format). The word count for the report is 2000 words, with referencing as per APA 6th referencing guidelines (available on the Curtin University library website). •
Use credible scholarly sources for your information •
Where possible use recent, original, peer-reviewed, reputable published research (Textbooks are also acceptable). •
You are expected to use reputable references sources beyond the lecture/tutorial notes •
A minimum of 10 scholarly sources is required •
Word count DOES NOT include the reference list or the contents page.
Word count DOES include in-text citations, tables and quotes. Report Please provide a report for a person with an ICD10 diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia (F20.0). Format Please format your report in short answer style (i.e. headings as per the rubric with your answer underneath).
Introduction (what is covered in your report) (0.75 marks)
100 word
2. Description of the disorder (common facts and figures, prevalence etc.) (1.5 Marks)
150 word
3. Signs and Symptoms of the disorder (what does a person with this disorder experience?) (5 marks) 300
4. Pathophysiology of the disorder (5 marks)300
5. Contemporary treatment 600
Pharmacological (5 marks)
Non-pharmacological (5 marks)
6. Nursing management within the multidisciplinary care team (2.5 Marks) 150-200 word routine clinical nursing care and interventions
7. Expected treatment outcomes (Will it resolve or not, how will the disorder be managed over time?) (2.5 marks) 150-200 word
8. Conclusion (0.75 marks) 100
9. Academic presentation, writing, formatting and referencing (2 marks)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2585 words including References

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