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Assessment 3: Project Report
Due: 13/9/2019 (week 15)
Critically analyse and reflect upon the work experience in relation to relevant theories, concepts, models and current industry practice
Demonstrate the ability to define, plan and carry out a research report involving the collection, analysis and interpretation of data and theory appropriate to an approved industry topic
Synthesise solutions and draw conclusions from the analysis of data
Produce a project report of professional standard that meets the host organisation’s needs as well as academic requirements
Marks: 50
Weighting: 50%
Hand in instructions: Canvas via Turnitin
Please note the MIT regulations on Misconduct in Assessment: MIT Student Regulations. All assignment work submitted must be your own individual effort.
You must not:
- hand in work completed by others
- copy the work of another student or collaborate with another in completing the assessment unless this is approved by your academic supervisor
- resubmit work previously credited to another course unless you have your academic supervisor’s approval
- copy or use other’s work e.g. books, journals, websites unless acknowledged with appropriate APA referencing
Your task:
You need to produce a Project Report describing the project you have completed. Meet with your Academic Supervisor to ensure that you produce a report that meets the expectations of the specific project you have been working on. The report should clearly indicate the background of your project and clearly show what methods you have used to complete the project. It should also discuss the outcomes and recommendations clearly. You should also show how you have obtained any evidence to support your approach to complete this project. Evidence could include research literature, technical reports, textbooks, news reports, business magazines, conversations with relevant people, and other relevant documentation. Applied business projects are diverse in nature and you should have a discussion with your Academic Supervisor to agree on the appropriate elements and headings to be included in the report before you prepare the document. Your methods and analysis should be robust and aligned with the purpose of the project. You may also include diagrams to support your report. Remember that this Project Report must be suitable for presentation to an organisation.
Project Report Marking Schedule
Criteria Marks Your Marks Comments
Executive Summary
Structure and content clearly written and summarising the content of the document. It should include the purpose, scope, methods, main conclusions and the significant recommendations. 5
Structure and content clearly written and linked to the project requirements. A clear description of the organisation, industry, project, background information as appropriate and linking it to the purpose of the project. 5
The purpose must be clearly stated and aligned with the project deliverables and/or outcomes. 5
The scope is realistic and described well. It clearly matches the purpose and expected and agreed outcomes within the timeframe. 5
The methods are presented clearly and aligned with the project purpose. The methods used are robust and fit for purpose. 6
The outcomes (results) are presented clearly and linked with the purpose of the project. 7
The recommendations are presented clearly and realistic. Recommendations are aligned with the purpose of the project as well as the outcomes/results. 7
Critical Reflection
Critically analyse, evaluate and reflect on the relationship between your whole working experience and relevant paradigms, concepts or models.
Reflect on what you have learnt about yourself during the process.
What has worked? E.g Personal development
What did not work?
How would you do the project differently if had to it again?
Project Report Presentation
The overall project is presented in a professional way. Where appropriate diagrams, tables and figures have been included and APA referencing is used. 3
Total 50

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