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Assignment Question:
Assess the business strategy of a manufacturing organization using a suitable model.
Minimum No. of pages: 10
Font: Times New Roman 12 (computer type set)
Line Spacing: 1.5
Submission deadline: 10th October 2019. Should submit to NIBM Examinations Division. (Couriered or posted assignments shall not be accepted).
Cover Page: Should contain the student name as in attendance register, index number, name of the course, name of the module, date of submission and the following notation -An assignment submitted to fulfill the attendance requirement of the Module Name module of the Advanced Diploma in Business Management-.
Very important note:
a. The completed assignment should be submitted to the NIBM Galle Branch programme office on or before the submission deadline. Late submissions strictly shall not be entertained.
b. Plagiarism shall be forbidden and dealt on disciplinary grounds. Students are strictly advised to provide due reference to the material they borrow from any other author or document.
c. Failure to submit this assignment on or before the due date and the failure to complete the assignment at a satisfactory level to the module examiner shall result in the particular students examination results be nullified and he/she be considered as a candidate who has skipped the examination without justifiable reason. Such students shall be required to re-follow the module and sit for the corresponding examination thereafter upon payment of an additional course fee and an examination re-sit fee.
d. For further clarifications, please contact the course director or the module lecturer.

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