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Assignment Five
Due date: 15 October 2019
Marks: 40 (contribution to year mark: 30%)
Question 01: Environmental report
The United Nations environment programme (UNEP) has requested you to compile a report on the current and future impact(s) of environmental change. Before you can start with your research and the compilation of your report, you are required to select two countries or regions according to the following:
1. One developed country from the Northern hemisphere
2. One developing country from the Southern hemisphere
Your report needs to address the following based on the various characteristics of environmental change occurring within the countries or regions that you have selected:
• (a) Identify and describe two (2) types of environmental change (past and present) experienced within each of the two countries or regions that you have selected. Of the two types of environmental change you have identified per country or region, one should have been experienced in the past and another one in the present era.
(b) Compare the types of environmental change experienced between the countries or regions
(c) Compare the causes of environmental change between the countries or regions (d) Compare the contributors of environmental change between the two countries or
regions (20)
• Provide predictions of future environmental change for each of the country or regions selected, in terms of the environment, human livelihoods and quality of life. Use the acquired information about the past and present types of environmental change to predict possible future types of environmental change.
• Provide recommendations in terms of strategies or actions that can be taken by these countries or regions mitigate against the challenges associated with the environmental change.
The report needs to comply with the following requirements:
• The discussion must be factually accurate, comprehensive and persuasive.
• Provide an integrated discussion. You should be able to compare, discuss and evaluate and not only simply list facts.
• The entire report should not be more than 2800 words.
• Consult a minimum of six scientific accredited sources to support your discussion using in-text referencing with a list of references included at the end the report.
Question 02: Interacting with an Environmental change “denier”
Explain how you will effectively communicate with an environmental change “denier”. Make use of convincing arguments and noteworthy examples of environmental change that occurred during the past three years in your explanation. Your explanation should thus be scientific-butstill-relatable and should refer to several types of environmental change. (5)
Your answer should be no more than 800 words long with the support of relevant current events. A minimum of four (4) scientific references are to be included.