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Subject Code and Title MKT600 Marketing
Assessment Assessment 3: Presentation on Sustainable Marketing
Individual/Group Individual
Length F2F students will present on their scheduled date in class. Online students will submit a 5 minute video recording.
Learning Outcomes This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes:
d) Reflect on the ethical issues associated with organisations marketing practices.
Submission Due 23:59 (AEST/AEDT) Friday Module 6.1 (Week 11)
Weighting 20%
Total Marks 20 marks
• To enhance a clear understanding of the importance of contemporary issues surounding sustainability and their implicaitons in marketing practices in the modern era;
• To provide an overview of sustainable marketing theory and their applications to marketing strategies;
• To develop appreciation about the importance of sustainable marketing practices;
• To critically analyse relevant stakeholders and factors associate with and their role in ethical marketing practices of an organisation.
How the assessment fits into the subject/course:
Marketing in the 21st Century has profoundly evolved and has been a critical component of business organisations. While the design of marketing plan is integral to business organisation to drive business growth, there is a strong call for marketing organisations to operate responsibly, considering both environment and social responsibilities in marketing practices. This assessment aims to develop an understanding and appriciation about the importance of social responsibilities of marketing.
Linkages between Assessments 1, 2 and 3:
Assessment 3 is NOT intricately linked to the assessments 1 and 2. However, the assessments 1 & 2 provide students with a thorough understanding of marketing theories and practices, and therefore, build the foundation for the assessment 3. You MUST work on the same organisation for the assessment 3 presentation on sustainable marketing.

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This assessment task builds on your understanding of sustainable marketing as well as ethical and environmental considerations of marketing practices. F2F students MUST present their presentation on their scheduled date in class. Your learning facilitator will confirm the date and time of your presentation. The online students need to record a 5 minute video to:
• Demonstrate your understanding about ethical consideration in marketing practices;
• Demonstrate your understanding about social and environmental responsibilitines in marketing practices.
The scenario in assessment 1 and assessment 2 is not relevant to this assessment. You are required to critically evaluate the sustainable marketing practices of the same organisation that you have worked on in the assessment 1 and 2 and recommend strategies related to sustainable marketing practices for the senior management of your organisation.
This assessment requires you to demonstrate understanding of contemporary issues of sustainable marketing (e.g. hunger, poverty, food security etc.), as there is a strong call for marketing organisations to practise a responsible marketing. Based on your research on this topic, you should present sustainable marketing practices of your organisation that include:
1. The issues of socially responsible marketing (ethical consideration);
2. The issues of environmentally responsible marketing;
3. Both F2F and online students should prepare a 5-10 minutes powerpoint presentation of your chosen organisations strategies and practices in accordance with the broader issues of sustainablity. F2F students should present their presentation in class on their scheduled date and time. Online students should present their powerpoint in a 5 minutes video recording and submit both the powerpoint and video recording following the assessment 3 submission link in the Blackboard on Friday in the week 11 at 11:59 pm.
Submission Instructions:
Submit your assessment via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in the Blackboard in MKTG6002/MKT600 by the end of Module 6.1 (Week 11). Learning facilitators will confirm the date and time for F2F students presentation at a later stage. F2F students failure to present in class as scheduled by your learnig facilitator and upload your presentation in the Blackboard within the deadline will result in excluding your presenation from grading. Online students need to upload their powerpint and video recording. All submissions for both F2F and online students are due on Friday in the week 11 at 11:59 pm AEST.

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Learning Rubric: Assessment 3
Assessment Attributes Fail (Unacceptable) 0-49% Pass
50-64% Credit
(Proficient) 65-74% Distinction
75 -84% High Distinction
50% Presentation has poor or illogical structure or flow.
Little variation in tone and intensity
Minimal audience engagement
Timing of the delivery poor
Presentation is confusing. The idea is hard to decipher. Presentation is generally logically structured and flows adequately.
Some variation in tone and intensity
Some audience engagement
Timing delivery reasonable
Some parts of the presentation are confusing the audience. Presentation has logical structure and flow.
Variation in tone and intensity
Good audience engagement
Good timing during the delivery
The presentation is engaging the audience. Presentation is presented in a very logical way, with an advanced level of structure and flow.
Variation in tone and intensity is advanced
Very good audience engagement
Very good timing during the delivery
The presentation is engaging the audience. Presentation is in an exceptionally logical way, with excellent structure and flow.
Variation in tone and
intensity is highly advanced
Excellent audience engagement
Excellent timing in the delivery
It is delivered within the time limit.
The presentation is engaging the audience and stimulates fresh thoughts.
Recognises ethical and moral issues accompanying marketing practices Difficulty in formulating own opinion and lack of recognition of ethical principles and competing interests. Difficulty in justifying conclusions based on moral-ethical principles but recognises different viewpoints. Conclusions are justified based on moral-ethical principles. Formulates and justifies conclusions based on moral-ethical principles. Uses ethical principles to identify competing interests and views.
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50% Does not clearly demonstrate moralethical reasoning. Can recognise the competing interests in arguments and identify ethical issues embodied in them. Sophisticated understanding of the ethical and moral positions.
Well-articulated viewpoint based on moral-ethical reasoning.
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