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Further to the email I just sent you re Assessment 2, below are the Asia-Pacific country and industry pair allocations for each one of you individually.
As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic is adversely impacting economies globally at both the micro and macroeconomic level. Most business operations have been hampered by this pandemic. Although trading conditions have been difficult, not all firms have been affected to the same extent. Some sectors such as energy, financial, health care, utilities, telecommunication, retail and information technology are considered to have weathered the storm but other sectors such as tourism, hospitality, tertiary education, automobile, real estate, creative arts and sports, are badly affected.
For each country and industry pair, you are to analyse and to prepare a power point presentation and a 15-minute video addressing the following:

Perform a comparative analysis of the pair of sectors allocated to you of how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected economic performance of these Australian sectors since the pandemic began. (10 marks)
With proper justification, identify the market structures to which these two sectors belong. (10 marks)
Analyse and explain how the advent of COVID-19 has affected consumer behaviour in the two sectors. (10 marks)
For this question you will be assigned one Asia Pacific nation to perform a comparative analysis with Australia.
Critically discuss the similarities and differences between Australia and the Asia Pacific nation assigned to you the impact of COVID-19 on pricing in the two sectors industries that you have been allocated. (10 marks).
Your Asia-Pacific country allocation (which you will examine along with Australia) and industry pair as as follows:
Thailand: Retail and Tourism
Australia: Retail and Tourism

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