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Subject Code and Name FINA6000 Managing Finance
Assessment Assessment 2 Presentation
Individual/Group Individual
Length (15 mins +/- 10%)
Learning Outcomes a) Critically analyse goals of financial management within an organisation and explain how a good corporate governance underpins pursuance of such goals.
b) Analyse financial information and evaluate financial performance of a business.
c) Apply time value of money to the valuation of a variety of cash flows, securities and projects leading to sound investment and financing decisions.
d) Analyse risk and return associated with investments.
Submission Week 8 Sunday 11.55 PM
Weighting 15%
Total Marks 100 marks
Task Summary
Students are expected to prepare 10 -15 ppt slides and record a 15 minutes presentation addressing the assessment tasks. The details of the assessment will be provided by the end of Week 3 during the Trimester.
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