Recent Question/Assignment

Write an Individual Essay of 2000 words worth 40% - Due Date: 7 November
1. Choose one topical issue that has been in news media and current affairs recently in your home city/town or in Sydney. (see the following list of possibilities)
2. Explain what you think the Bible says in response. Then, compare that to your own sacred scriptures if you so choose. You should familiarise yourself with the topic and the Bible perspective on your chosen topic in your preparation. In other words some research is necessary - but remember you are researching Christian perspectives on the topic and if you so choose you may add to that your own religious perspective by showing commonality or contrast with a Christian perspective in approach and explain which way you choose to respond.
(a) Choose one main verse or a key passage (and quote it) to address the topic
(b) You can back it up with three other Bible quotations from stories or teachings that you think are helpful in developing your response to the topic
(c) It is possible that there is more than one approach to the topic (it may be a controversial/contentious issue), therefore you need to explain your interpretation. Authenticity, i.e. your own opinion, backed up with Biblical reasoning, is the highest assessment priority.
(d) Some contemporary (modern) topics are not obviously found in the Bible, however guiding wisdom on a related topic can help you decide how to respond. (For example, you will not read about ‘technology’ specifically in the Bible but you can learn about devotion, idolatry (your highest priority/what receives your attention), about how you spend your time, money, and about wise productivity.
(e) You should be relating your ideas to:
(i) The life and attitudes demonstrated by Jesus, to Christian values you have learned so far, and to your understanding of moral principles; and
(ii) The wisdom learned from Jesus’ teaching in the Gospel of Luke (New Testament).
• Climate change
• Providing housing and care for people living in poverty
• Child vaccination and public health
• Inclusiveness for people with disabilities (mental health, learning, or physical)
• Equal pay for women
• Environmental sustainability vs. capitalist profit
• Corrupt political leadership
• Should the responsibility for aged care take place in the family home or in a nursing home?
There is not always a clear right or wrong answer to all of these issues. You are assessed on your reasoning, your ability to explain why you think as you do, and evidence drawn from the Biblical sources that support your answer.