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I have attached the brief. As it is a group assignment i need question A, B, C for australia. It should be between 800- 900 words.
I need this by thursday night 19th November
a) With the advent of COVID-19 critically discuss and compare the 2 year economic forecasts provided by the IMF, World Bank and OECD of the following advanced economics in Australia, (20 marks) Focus on key variables such as changes in GDP (or economic growth), unemployment and inflation.
(b) Taking in account global economic outlooks provided by economic analysts and the forecasts for Australia, discuss their implications on supermarket. You also need to comment on the market structures of the industry, the regulatory environment and pricing during the COVID-19 environment. (15 marks)
(c) Evaluate the prospects for employment in the industry you discussed in part (b) and provide an opinion on whether the companies in the industry could weather the COVID-19 storm in the medium term in a post-COVID-19 environment as factors such as technology and/or changes in market demand may positively impact operations. (10 marks)
Please consider the following:
• Use reliable data sources such of those of international organisations such as IMF, World Bank, OECD, each country’s data sources, journal articles by economists and academics
• Remember to cite inside the report the sources of information used and include the reference list at the end. • It is important to review material on market structures, macroeconomic variables such as GDP, unemployment, inflation and the use of fiscal policy.
• You are expected to take a critical approach when writing the report.
• A peer review is expected. This is where you tell the audience how you organised yourself as group to work on the project. Challenges, difficulties and success stories must be told. It is important to be truthful about the group dynamics and perhaps even tell us what you learnt about working in a team. The peer review is worth 5 marks.

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