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School of Engineering UCLan Coursework Assessment Brief Academic Year 2
Module Title: Structural Analysis Module Code: BN2501 Level 5
Structural Loading to Eurocode This assessment is worth 25% of the overall module mark
You have information about a steel framed building.
It is an office building on 2 sites, both of which are at elevations 100m.
There is a first floor made of a reinforced concrete slab.
At roof level the roofing material is Kingspan KS1000TD topdek
Use the Kingspan material and slab thickness according to the following table:
First letter of surname Thickness of KS1000TD core Slab thickness
A 34mm 100mm
M 71mm 125mm
P,R,S 91mm 150mm
B,D,V,W 100mm 175mm
E,F,K,L 120mm 200mm
1. Calculation Report
You need to build a set of calculations for the loading on the members that are highlighted on the drawings:
• rafter
• floor beam
Permanent loading
Find the factored value for the permanent loading on the element.
Variable loading
Find the factored values for the variable loading on the element.
There will be 2 cases:
• Location 1 in Preston
• Location 2 in Aberdeen
Combination of Actions to Eurocode
• Determine the worst-case loading on the rafter taking into consideration the three options recommended by EC0
Then, taking the floor beam as a simply supported, fully restrained member, provide:
• SFD and BMD
• Calculations to check whether the given size of structural steel UB for the floor beam is adequate for an allowable stress of 355N/mm². Confirm the suitability for BM, SF and deflection.
The report giving the answers should be set out in a logical sequence with all the information required to ensure that the loading is the worst-case scenario. You will need to use tables, calculations and sketches or drawings.
Include references where required.
2. Eurocode Design parameters and Examples of best practice
(approx. 500 words)
Explain the different design parameters that are considered under ultimate limit state loading and serviceability limit state loading for the design of various steel members to EC3 and various reinforced concrete members to EC2.
Give examples of best practice in design of steel and reinforced concrete members.
Include references
The calculations report (part 1) will be equivalent to 1000 words. 65 marks
The written question about Eurocodes (part 2) will be equivalent to 500 words
35 marks
The whole assignment is worth 25% of the module mark.
The learning outcomes tested by this assessment are:
Lectures and tutorials in semester 1 inform this assessment. You will need to call on skills learned in first year.
Assessment Release date: Thursday 15th October 2020
Assessment Deadline Date and time: Friday 11th December 2020, midnight
Please note that this is the final time you can submit – not the time to submit!
Your feedback/feed forward and mark for this assessment will be provided on 29th January 2021 on Turnitin/Blackboard
The assignment will be equivalent to 1500 words and is worth 25% of the module mark.
Please submit electronically via Turnitin or blackboard. Your final submission will be taken as a declaration of originality that this final submission is entirely your own work. If you photograph or scan in the handwritten calculations, please make sure they are LEGIBLE before submitting.
Lateness penalties will be applied (as outlined in the School Guide) in ALL instances, unless a documented case can be made for an extension, in advance of the submission date.
The Turnitin link will allow multiple submissions of your assignment to allow you to check the originality of your work via the Originality Report. Please note that later submissions may take 24 hours to generate an Originality Report. Only the last submission is retained by Turnitin for marking.
Marking scheme: please refer to the Criteria for Assessing Work against Degree Classifications at the end of the MIP. Word count: circa 1,500 words (excludes supporting documentation).
Generic feedback will be provided within 15 working days of the submission (normally 3 weeks), with individual feedback to follow (as soon as possible).
Questions about the assessment can be asked at lecture time in semester 1 or via the Teams site where answers could be shared with the whole class. The tutor will be available for further support sessions, if required, at 4pm on Tuesdays or another arranged time.
• For support with using library resources, please contact Bob Frost ( or You will find links to lots of useful resources in the My Library tab on Blackboard and the link to the module reading list is on the BN3501 page.
• If you have not yet made the university aware of any disability, specific learning difficulty, long-term health or mental health condition, please complete a Disclosure Form. The Inclusive Support team will then contact to discuss reasonable adjustments and support relating to any disability. For more information, visit the Inclusive Support site.
• To access mental health and wellbeing support, please complete our online referral form. Alternatively, you can email, call 01772 893020 or visit our UCLan Wellbeing Service pages for more information.
• If you have any other query or require further support you can contact The i , The Student Information and Support Centre. Speak with us for advice on accessing all the University services as well as the Library services. Whatever your query, our expert staff will be able to help and support you. For more information , how to contact us and our opening hours visit Student Information and Support Centre.
• If you have any valid mitigating circumstances that mean you cannot meet an assessment submission deadline and you wish to request an extension, you will need to apply online prior to the deadline.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this assessment brief is correct at time of publication. In the unlikely event that any changes are deemed necessary, they will be communicated clearly via e-mail and a new version of this assessment brief will be circulated. Version: 1
Tutor: Nkiru I. Ibeakuzie
Additional Materials:
1. Roof and Floor Plans of a steel building.
2. Kingspan data sheet.
3. Information as required from Eurocodes.
Plan of the roof
The roof has a very low pitch so can be assumed to be flat.
Wind loading in Preston is 0.9 kN/m²
Wind loading in Aberdeen is 1.2 kN/m²
Plan of the first floor
Figure NA.1 UK Charactaristic Snow Load Map
Showing ‘Z’
Roof slope aº Coefficient µ
30º 0.8
35º 0.67
40º 0.53
50º 0.27

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