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Assessment 3: Report (Individual)
Due date: Week 12
Group/individual: Individual assignment
Word count / Time provided: N/A
Weighting: 30%
Unit Learning Outcomes: ULO-1 ULO-2 ULO-3 ULO-4 ULO-5 ULO-6
Assessment Details: Report Analyse a new business – Provide ideas on Effective Management Practices
In this assignment, students are required to write a report on a new business management practice. They need to analyse the selected Business to come up with answers for the following questions:
• Name and introduction of the Business
• Size of the business and Product Features
• What are the capital sources for the new business and how they are obtained?
• What are the challenges and difficulties that might be expected for the example business? You need to discuss any possible problem such as legal, technological, political, economic, environmental, social and cultural challenges.
• How are the potential risks involved in the process of the example business venture?
• Provide Management practices you will be implementing to minimise or eliminate the problems/issues you have or might have in the future.
• Recommendation
• Conclusion
The approximate word limit for this assignment is 2500 words. Students are required to use at least 5 academic references from reliable sources (such as text-books and journal articles). They are also required to follow Harvard referencing style. Report should be submitted in the word format and follow the following recommended structure:
Title page, including student name and ID: N/A
Executive summary: 200 words
Table of contents: N/A
Introduction: 600 words
Discussion (covering the main requirements and questions provided above): 1200 words
Conclusion: 200 words
References: At least 5 academic references – 100 words
Appendix: One table or figure will be considered as 200 words (do not include more than one table and figure in the text or the appendix.

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