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BSBLED802 Lead Learning Strategy Implementation
Assessment 1: Short answer questions
Please respond to all the following questions. You can write your answers under each question directly. You might have to undertake the appropriate research to answer these questions.
Part 1 Formative assessment
Activity 1
• 1
Write a short sentence to explain the purpose of a communication strategy.
• 2
List three examples of processes leaders can use to communication information associated with the achievement of work responsibilities to co-workers and write a brief paragraph to explain each one.
• 3
Provide three examples of performance indicators that might be used to measure the achievement of work responsibilities.
Activity 2
You are changing the rostering process. This will affect the hours employees work.
• 1
Why would it be a good idea to consult workers about the rostering process? Provide at least three reasons.
• 2
What method would you use to consult employees about proposed changes to staff rosters? Why?
• 3
What feedback would you provide to workers on the outcome of the consultation process?
Activity 3
You lead a team of employees. A number of them have raised an issue that is affecting their ability to meet set targets. Specifically, they have advised you that the budget they are working with does not allow them to secure the resources needed to effectively carry out their job.
• 1
List the six steps in the problem-solving process you would follow to try to promptly resolve the issue.
• 2
After undertaking each step in the problem-solving process, you find that the only way to solve the problem is to provide workers with more financial resources but you do not have the authority to increase their budgets. What should you do?
Activity 4
• 1
You have recently hired a woman from a Muslim background who wears a hijab. After a short time working for the organisation she tells you that she does not feel comfortable in the workplace.
Specifically, she tells you that:
o other workers have made derogatory statements about her religion
o there are pictures hung around the office that she finds offensive
o she has been told that she cannot observe religious requirements like prayer time
o she has been told that she cannot wear the hijab because it does not form part of the organisation’s uniform
Identify two organisational policies you could refer to for guidance on your response, and seven actions you could take to address these issues.
• 2
You have found that a number of employees are not adhering to the ethical values of the organisation. When you talk to them about this they tell you that they were unaware that what they were doing was wrong and that they have never seen the organisation’s code of ethics. Identify eight things you could do to make existing employees aware of their ethical responsibilities.
Activity 5
• 1
Write a short definition of the word trust.
• 2
Identify and describe two traits leaders should demonstrate that would help them to gain and maintain the trust and confidence of colleagues and external contacts.
Activity 6
• 1
You arrange to meet with a new employee to see how they are settling into their job. The employee speaks minimal English and you are worried that you will not be able to make yourself understood. List 10 examples of ways you might adjust your own interpersonal communication style to assist the new employee to understand what you are saying.
• 2
Provide three examples of unethical communication.
• 3
Two new team members have joined your team. One of them is from India and the other is from Japan. There is a team member who is having difficulty building an effective working relationship with them. Provide 10 examples of how you would guide and support the work team in their personal adjustment process.
Activity 7
• 1
You have started a business selling health and protein shakes. You want to increase sales of the product. Make a list of three people/ organisations you might network with to help you achieve this identifiable outcome and describe the contribution they could make.
• 2
You need to learn more about ways to encourage the performance of team members. Make a list of three people/ departments you might build workplace relationships with to achieve this identifiable outcome for the team and the organisation and describe the contribution they could make.
Activity 8
• 1
You have recently attended an industry event where you met a contact who you think would be able to provide you with a lot of advice about how to market your organisation. What would you do to begin to develop and maintain the relationship? Why would you do this?
• 2
A person from another department has referred a lot of new clients to you. They do not have to do this. It does not form part of their job description. Identify three things you could do to develop, maintain and show that you value the relationship.
Activity 9
• 1
Propose two methods for identifying difficulties in workplace relationships.
• 2
Natalie and Joseph are work mates. Joseph has young children and likes to have time off during school holidays to look after them as he has difficulty finding others to look after them during these periods. He becomes very upset that Natalie always asks for time off during school holidays even though she does not have children. She argues that she wants this time off because her boyfriend is a schoolteacher and this is the only time they can spend time together and travel. They cannot both have time off over school holidays as this would leave their department short staffed. The situation is causing difficulties in their workplace relationship.
a. What strategy would you use to resolve this situation? Briefly describe each step of the strategy to be used.
b. Describe a win–win, win–lose and lose–lose resolution for this situation.
Activity 10
• 1
Explain the processes and systems that can be established to manage and resolve conflict constructively.
• 2
Two workers are engaged in a conflict related to who should answer their manager’s phone and take messages when the manager is not present. They both feel that they are too busy and too important to be required to do this. Describe the signs you would look for to identify they are handling the conflict constructively.
• 3
Provide two examples of:
a. Emotionally based conflict.
b. Values based conflict.
c. Needs based conflict.
• 4
Outline a conflict management process.
Activity 11
• 1
Identify and describe three qualities that would help leaders to provide guidance, counselling and support to assist co-workers in resolving their work difficulties.
• 2
You are talking to a co-worker who is very upset that another worker has given them information that was inaccurate and this caused them to look bad in front of another manager. You ask them what the worker said when they confronted them and they reply by saying, ‘Who cares? There’s just no excuse for what they did. Nothing they can say can make it right.’ List three pieces of advice you would offer them.
Activity 12
• You are working with two employees because one has made some negative comments about the other’s culture. Draw up an action plan that could be used to address this identified difficulty.
Part 2 Summative assessment
Question 1
Choose and explain how one system, policy or procedure can support the development of effective work relationships focusing on interpersonal styles, communications, consultation, cultural and social sensitivity, networking or conflict resolution.
Question 2
Describe communication techniques leaders can use to initiate networking conversations, including requests for help.
Question 3
Outline one relevant piece of legislation from any level of government that affects business operation, especially in regard to work health and safety (WHS), environmental issues, equal opportunity, industrial relations and anti-discrimination and explain how these are relevant to managing effective workplace relationships.
Please read and respond to all the assessment questions. You can provide your answers under each question.
Part 1:
You are a manager of a team of workers. You have come to realise that you have poor workplace relationships with those workers and that workers have poor relationships with each other. Describe what you could do to improve these relationships to ensure that morale improves, productivity increases and a sense of teamwork is developed. Make sure you explain why effective workplace relationships are necessary.
You will need to discuss:
• communication in relation to the achievement of work responsibilities
• consultation
• the resolution of issues raised by workers
• the cultural diversity of workers
• ethics
• winning the trust and confidence of workers
• interpersonal communication styles
• networking
• the management of conflict
• any relevant legislation
Part 2:
ABC Company sells a range of exclusive products across Australia through 1 online and 100 retail stores. The organisation is committed to:
- Offer innovative product solutions and meet the changing needs of customers
- Providing high quality and innovative products and services to customers
- Deliver great customer service
- Employing professional and enthusiastic staff
- Adopting sustainable work practices and provide ‘green’ products
- Undertaking continuous improvement processes
Now, you work as one retail store’s Team Manager and you manage 3 Administrative Officers. You have received the below Administrative Officer role job description from HR.
Job Tile: Administrative Officer
Reporting to: Team Manager
Salary: $4,2000 p.a. + 9.5% superannuation
Hours: 38 hours per week
Location: Head office
Purpose of the position
Performs administrative and office support activities for the Customer Support team. Duties may include fielding telephone calls, receiving and directing visitors, word processing, creating spreadsheets and presentations, and filling. Extensive software skills are required, as well as internet research abilities and strong communication skills.
Responsibilities and duties
1. Store, organise and manage customer files
2. Provide administrative support to the Customer Support team
3. Manage and distribute information within the Customer Support office. This includes sending and receiving correspondence, answering phones and responding to electronic communication via email or the customer support web site.
4. Scheduling appointment and preparing presentation materials
5. Talking dictation or recording the minutes of meetings
6. Relieving at the main reception desk
Key performance indicators
1. Maintain a log for all information distributed in the Customer Support team
2. Ensure customer support records are filed and maintained on a daily basis
3. Provide prompt and reliable administrative support to the Customer Support team
4. Maintain confidentiality when taking minutes for executive meetings
5. Work effectively with the executive administrative support team in relieving duties
Required knowledge and skills
- Complete Certificate III in Business Administration or higher qualifications
- At least 1-year customer service experience
- Knowledge of customer service principles and practices
- Excellent written and verbal skills
- Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to deal with external customers
- Proficiency in CRM systems
- Proficiency in MS Office applications
- Keyboarding skills at a minimum 30 words per minute with 98% accuracy
- High personal standards
1. Please outline the team purpose, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in accordance with organisational goals, plans and objectives. This should be appropriate to distribute to team members to establish a common understanding.
2. Use the below work plan template and prepare a work plan for your team members. Here is a list of the typical duties that team performs:
• Check the stationery stock levels and order any necessary office supplies every end of month
• Prepare the agenda for the upcoming customer support department on 18 July and email the 8 people who are to attend. Book the meeting room via the calendar using the email software
• Cover for some staff members in the main reception on Monday 25 July between 2pm and 5 pm, so other team members can attend meeting. This involves recording customer feedback and directing calls to appropriate people
• Book flights and arrange accommodation for one team member who is attending a conference in Sydney from 27th July to 29th July
List the tasks to be completed to achieve this work plan (Add rows below as required) List your KPIs/ objectives; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely Common cause of poor performance (at least 1) Person responsible for this task Date due/ Date completed
e.g. Check the stationery stock levels and order any necessary office supplies
Provide prompt and reliable administrative support to the Customer Support team
Mismatch between the employee’s capabilities and the job they are required to undertake Administrative officer End of month

3. ABC Company currently has a formal feedback process. Senior managers feel this form is not appropriate to provide feedback to team members that encourages, values and rewards individual and team efforts and contributions. Outline what leadership techniques and strategies you would use to provide continuous feedback and encourage, value and reward members of your team.
4. Explain how you will facilitate a two-way flow of information on team performance issues between your team and senior management.
5. ABC Company expect all managers and leaders to lead by example. Outline how you will ensure your own contribution to the work team serves as a role model for others and enhances the organisation’s image for all stakeholders.
6. Please use the self-reflection survey below and identify your own emotional strengths and weaknesses, stressors, emotional states and triggers and gathering feedback from your assessor.
List 5 of your emotional strengths
List 5 of your emotional weaknesses
List 2 workplace stressors that affect you
List 2 triggers that can initiate an emotional response in the workplace
Please answer questions below
Items Rate 1 – 5 (5 is always and 1 is Never) Example
I display honest, integrity and trustworthiness
I am flexible in adapting to changing situations
I display emotional self-awareness and use my intuition to guide team decisions
I am driven to improve performance to meet my inner standards of success
I see others positively and expect the best of them
I get along with people of diverse backgrounds
I foster a positive emotional climate
I guide and motivate my team with a compelling vision and a sense of purpose
I address my team in a way that engages them
I cultivate other’s abilities through feedback, guidance, mentoring or coaching
I resolve disagreements by including all parties, understanding different perspectives and finding a common solution that meets everyone’s needs
7. Create your own personal development plan in accordance with ABC Company’s organisational plans and policies that outlines your:
- Career objectives
- Personal goals, aligned with organisation’s plans and directions
- Assessing personal skills and knowledge against competency standards
- New skills that need to be developed
- Training and development opportunities
- Networking plans to help develop new skills
- How to maintain an appropriate work-life balance to manage health and stress
8. Explain how to use business technology to create and use systems to processes to organise and prioritise tasks and commitments.
Human Resources Manager has advised you that one of your Administrative Officers John has made a complaint to the Human Resources Department. John claims to be experiencing discrimination from his work colleague Tom. John says that for this month he has been subjected to offensive comments regarding his English, because he is the only international staff member in the Australian team. He claims, for example, that he was laughed at his accent. John also claims that the persistent comments have caused him much distress and isolation within his team.
When you check Tom’s record, you find out that the results have become increasingly unsatisfactory, lower than at his last review, with an overall poor performance on the job. His poor performance includes:
- Missed some workplace trainings which include cultural diversity and ethical
- A number of complaints from clients and colleagues
- Providing incomplete and sometimes inaccurate product information
- Providing poor-quality customer service
- Poor verbal communication manner
- Decreased level of professionalism
You need to follow company’s WHS policy and Equal opportunities policy.
1. You need to arrange a time with your assessor and do a role play. In this role play, your assessor will act as Tom. You as a team manager need to:
- Identify and address the key issues (workplace conflict and poor performance)
- Provide opportunities for Tom to explain and contribute to the issues
- Be a role model and provide leadership through own behaviour
- Assist him to understand the effect of his behaviour and emotions on others in the workplace
- Encourage Tom to develop his own emotional intelligence to build productive relationships and maximise workplace outcomes
- Provide guidance, counselling and support to assist Tom in resolving the issues
- Promote trust in order to build a good team
- Providing feedback on the outcomes of the conversation
- Listen carefully and come up with a mutually agreeable outcome
- If the issues cannot be resolved, refer to relevant personnel (may include seek assistance from Human Resources specialists)
- Support Tom to meet expected performance outcomes including providing formal and informal learning opportunities as needed
- Let Tom know that how you will monitor her performance systematically
2. You need to develop a performance plan for Tom to establish the expected outcomes, outputs, KPIs and goals of the work team. You can use the template below. Please note that some areas do have examples and information included for reference only, when you write your own answers, please remove these examples.
Team name
employee name
Manager name manager name
Manager position manager position
Date of plan date plan was made
Period of plan insert start date to insert end date
Typically 6 – 8 weeks
Interim review date interim review date
Final review date final review date
Performance improvement objective: Objective
Describe the specific area in which the employee’s performance needs to improve.
eg. – Objective: Timely and accurate processing of customer orders
Required outcomes required outcomes
Describe what the employee needs to do to improve their performance to the required standard. The required outcomes should be specific, measurable and realistic. In most cases, the required outcomes should be described as a measurement of quality, quantity or timeliness.
• Process all customer orders within 48 hours of receipt.
• Process at least 15 orders each day.
• Complete order-related paperwork neatly and accurately.
Strategies strategies
Describe how the employee is going to meet the required outcomes.
• Your priority task at all times will be processing customer orders.
• If you have any questions (eg. you’re not sure how to complete a task, or if you’re asked to complete a different task), you must immediately raise this with your manager.
Support supports
Describe what support you’re going to provide to the employee to meet the required outcomes.
• Your manager will provide you with refresher training on the order software.
• Your manager will meet with you each Monday to provide you with feedback on your progress against the required outcomes.
Responsibilities responsibilities of all relevant parties
Describe the responsibilities of the employee, their manager and any other relevant parties.
• to meet the required outcomes by the final review date.
• to participate in refresher training on the order software and weekly feedback meetings with your manager, as well as any other training or development activities that your manager considers appropriate.
• to provide you with on-the-job support.
• to provide you with refresher training on the order software.
• to conduct weekly feedback meetings.
Consequences consequences
Describe the consequences if the employee doesn’t meet the required outcomes by the final review date.
eg. If you fail to meet the required outcomes by the review date, without a reasonable excuse, you will be given a final written warning.
3. Develop policies and procedures to ensure team members take responsibilities for own work and assist other to undertake required roles and responsibilities.
4. Develop policies to ensure that organisation’s cultural diversity and ethical values are adhere to.
5. Three months from the implementation of the performance plan, Tom’s results show no improvement and he seems to show no commitment to change and improvement. Assume this a last formal warning. Write a formal letter to Tom explaining the disciplinary and termination process and the counselling options available. You may use the template below.
Name of Employee:
Position Title:

The intent of this notice is to inform you that your performance has not been satisfactory for the reasons indicated below and to provide you with an opportunity to correct this situation. If this situation is not corrected, you will be subject to further disciplinary action up to and including termination.
Previous dates of informal counselling and/or other counselling sessions:
Specific examples of the problems leading to this disciplinary action:
Specific action(s) that you need to take in order to improve:
The time frame for improvement to be accomplished:
You are expected to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of performance for the duration of employment. Failure to do so will lead to further disciplinary action up to and including employment termination.
You may respond to this Final Written Warning in writing and that response will be placed in your personnel file.
Signing this form does not indicate agreement, but only signifies you have been informed of the above action and have received a copy of the discipline notice.

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