Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 1 – Questioning
1. Using the following sources of stress listed in the table below, describe
a. Why or how they may present in your clients at work, what behaviour
b. 3 strategies to manage this stress in the workplace with the clients
Source of stress (for you and/ or your client) Presenting behaviour or example of situation Three strategies that you may use in any of these situations
a. Complex client behaviour
b. Grief and loss experienced by a co worker
c. Exposure to stressful working conditions / incidents
2. Do time management strategies and work planning help with stress in the workplace? Explain your answer in over 25 words
3. The Fair Work Act has legal rights attached to it for employees. Go to Fair work entitlements
and download the Fair Work Information Statement and answer the following
Employees in Australia have entitlements and protections at work, under:
• Fair work laws (list 2 points)
• Awards (list 2 points)
• Employment contracts (list 2 points)
4. Use the following link to describe what an Employee Assistance Program is.
Answer in your own words and over 25 words.

5. Describe the following self – care techniques in paragraph each, comment on your own ability to address these.
a. Impact of exercise and nutrition on physical health
b. Work / life balance strategies
c. Complementary and alternative health options.