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The assignment comprises mainly of 12 questions that have a word count of 200-300 words.
200 words for simple questions. 300 words for complex questions.
An introduction would be required.
A brief conclusion and summary to finish the work.
3000 words is the maximum word count.
The theory should be referenced and accompanied with concepts implemented in real organizations (companies) as illustration.
Original critical thinking should be applied.
Management of salesforce assignment.
Assignment instructions:
Simple questions = 200 words max
Complex questions = 300 words max
- Demonstrate extensive evaluation and synthesis of ideas including substantial original thinking.
- A detailed, in-depth and relevant application of the theory learned; expertly integrates literature to support ideas and concepts.
- Demonstrate extensive depth of understanding and exploration beyond key principles and concepts. Give examples where appropriate.
- Presenting and writing skills: Logical, coherent and polished presentation.
- Generous use of in-text citation and references. (Harvard style)
- Introduce the use and application of management of salesforce.
- To explore the concept of customer relationship management, planning and decision-making processes.
- The importance of customer relationship management.
- Evaluate the salesperson performance and motivation in local and global market.
- Use sales planning and forecasting in order to meet sales target.
1.1 Identify the benefits of managing excellent customer relations.
1.2 Evaluate different working practices and methods to maintain customer relationship within the organization.
1.3 Identify the use of the technological forces to improve sales force management
2.1 Identify the personal characteristics on salesperson motivation.
2.2 Critically analyse the components of salesperson performance model e.g behaviour, role perceptions, and satisfaction.
2.3 Critically identify the cultural forces affecting the performance of salespeople.
2.4 Critically evaluate criteria of selecting the best salesperson to target international market.
3.1 Identify salesforce strategies to plan and implement salesforce tasks.
3.2 Identify how to deal with an internal and external environment in sales
force planning.
3.3 Use financial and non financial information to assess the scope of resource requirements.
3.4 Evaluate the impact of sales forecasting on sales targets.
3.5 Plan the use of resources to meet sales target.
- Summarize what you have learned in management of salesforce
- Conclude
Harvard Referencing.
- In-text citation
- Bibliography listed correctly formatted footnotes
- Integration of supporting concepts, framework, critical thinking.
Structure and Format
- Relevance to the task, professional tone, and format of response.

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