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Short Paper: Team/Group Dynamics
Reflect on a team you have or are currently working on in your workplace. Describe and analyze a scenario in which group/team dynamics facilitated or created barriers to patient safety. Compare group/team behavior to QSEN (Quality and Safety Education for Nursing) competencies for teamwork and collaboration. Provide references to support effective group/team dynamics,
• Develop a two page (content) paper that:
o Describes the situation/scenario and discusses the safety implications.
o Discusses how the team effectively or ineffectively demonstrated the QSEN competencies.
o Describes how group/team dynamics improved or threatened patient safety.
o What nursing theory could apply in this case (See Butts & Rich Chapter 12)? o Use references to support your points and conclusions.
Grading Rubric
J Describes situation/scenario 2 points
s Discussion of the safety implications 3 points
s Discussion of how the team effectively or ineffectively demonstrate the QSEN competencies 3 points
S Discussion of how group/team dynamics improved or threatened patient safety 4 points
J Discussion of the nursing theory that could apply 4 points
J Spelling, grammar, APA throughout the paper 4 points
o (no errors = 4 points, 1-2 errors = 3 points, 3-4 errors = 2 points 5-6 errors = 1
point, greater than 6 errors - 0 points)
include a title and reference page.
**You will not be penalized for writing more than 2 pages.
You may set up the paper as follows:
Safety implications
QSEN Competencies
Group/team dynamics
Nursing Theory

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