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Plan OR Review Admin Systems
3.1 Final assessment
The following activity forms part of your assessment of competency. You may also be required to demonstrate your skills and/or provide various workplace documents or third-party reports. Your trainer will give you guidance in this area.
The following activity has been designed for all learners to complete.
Part A
1. What are the key elements to consider when researching administration system requirements? What resources would you use to identify each element?
2. What is Heuristic evaluation? Give examples of when it may be used.
3. Develop a template for a Request for Quote. Explain why each element is included in your template.
4. Develop a list of selection criteria for choosing a software supplier. Prioritise these criteria and explain your reasoning.
5. Develop a procedure for choosing between alternate suppliers which meets all organisational and legislative requirements.
6. Why is it important to involve staff in the implementation of administration systems?
7. Describe the relative advantages and disadvantages of the different methods for monitoring administration system use.
8. How do system usage policies help an organisation meet its legislative requirements?
Part B
Develop an implementation plan for an administration system modification at your organisation. Alternatively, you may develop the plan for upgrading the office application software to the latest version. Your implementation plan should include:
? The context of the upgrade
? The overall strategy for the implementation
? The key stages of the implementation
? What tools will be used to monitor the implementation
? How the implementation will be evaluated
? What contingencies have been planned for
? How user feedback will be incorporated in the process

Part C
Read the case study then answer the questions that follow.
Case study
Money Management is an accountancy firm. They have recently secured a contract for business that requires them to work in a different software application. Before the contract starts in four weeks, the manager needs to ensure that the three accountants assigned to the contract are able to use the software application.
The manager has already chosen a supplier for the software and expects to complete the installation next week. At this stage they have paid for five licenses of the software.
There are six accountants at Money Management and an office manager. They have recently had two accountants leave and are recruiting one more.
1. Develop a training plan for all employees affected by the new administration system. The training plan should include:
a) Training current employees in the new system
b) Managing on-going training requirements
c) Inducting new employees
d) How the training will be evaluated
2. Develop a Gantt chart for the key activities of the training plan. You may use specialised software, such as MS Project, or a simple spread sheet tool.

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