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Assignment & Student Guidance Sheet

Programme: MBA
Module: Strategy, Business Information and Analysis
Assessment Session: August - October 2012
Credits accrued for satisfactory completion of this module: 15
Weighting of this assignment for obtaining module credits: 100%

Assignment Question:

Using relevant theories, concepts and examples, critically discuss the following statement: ‘Strategy should only ever develop from detailed rational planning’.

Further Guidance for the Student:

Learning Aims
The purpose of the assignment is to help the student to:
  • understand key concepts, ideas and debates in the field of strategic management and,
  • to develop the ability to critique them through the use of real world examples

The assignment should:
  1. begin with a clear and concise introduction that introduces the topic under investigation, interprets the basic premise of the question, and outlines the aims and the structure of the assignment;
  2. it should then provide a balanced and detailed answer to the question set. Try to avoid simply describing phenomena and instead seek to analyse, challenge and critique the ideas you are discussing. In this assignment you are engaging with one of the key debates in the strategy field and it is important to demonstrate that you are able to consider competing perspectives on the validity of the claim that is being made.
  3. You should finish with a robust and persuasive conclusion that summarizes the arguments that have been made and then offers a final ‘answer’ to the question set. In this case, do you agree with the statement?
Sources and Referencing
It is important that you use a range of sources in order to formulate your ideas and arguments. Textbooks are a useful starting place but do not be restricted to them. It is possible that you may need to draw upon Internet sources in the production of this assignment. However, try to keep this to a bare minimum, especially where academic credibility of material cannot be verified. Referencing should strictly adhere to the Harvard referencing system. All sources, directly or indirectly used for completing the assignment (including Internet sources and any internal organizational documents), should be clearly identified and appropriately referenced in the main text and in the list of references. Any unacknowledged or insufficiently acknowledged use of sources will be qualified as plagiarism and will be subject to the appropriate penalties.

The paper should:
  1. be word word-processed, double-spaced throughout, in point 12 size font, left justified, with standard margins (at least 2.5 cm on all sides), with all pages consecutively numbered;
  2. be formally structured, i.e. divided into sections (and, if necessary, subsections) with meaningful headings;
  3. include the list of references, documenting all the sources used in the preparation of the assignment.

Word Limit: 3,500 words. There is no lower limit however students may not exceed 10% of the stated word limit.

Assessment Criteria:
In addition to the criteria outlined above and in the Programme Handbook, students are expected to demonstrate:
  • in-depth knowledge and understanding of the module materials;
  • competence in identifying and using real world examples to support their arguments;
  • an ability to clearly articulate and communicate their own ideas and opinions in writing, to develop arguments, and to structure a written presentation in a logical and coherent manner.

Submission Instructions:
Please visit the Online Submission facility on Blackboard for further information and guidance on submitting your assignment electronically. Only one file in the specified format can be submitted.
  • Please insert the assignment question to your submission.
  • Retain your electronic submission receipt.
If you have questions about the submission of your work via Blackboard please contact the School of Management for assistance, before the deadline date.

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