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These articles give you plenty of materials for comparisons. The CESifo study looks at gender equality from a historical perspective (i.e. using the index) as well as how intersectionality (i.e. issues such as religion, legal, culture/traditions) affect gender equality. The IJTJ article is more of a literature review (i.e. looking at reports, academic books and articles). So when you look at the two papers, think about whether the authors of the two papers used the right research approach, whether the methods they used were suitable to find the answers, and whether their conclusion adequately answered their own research question. those two articles should be discovered which approach (quantitative or qualitative research methods have been used) and should give a comparison between them. Identify the methods and if possible explain why the author believes they are appropriate to the task at hand. Q. For your critique, offer some opinion about whether the author’s conclusions are justified in light of the evidence they present. Do you believe the author’s claims? Why or why not? Assessment Criteria Appropriateness of the article for the analytical response Critical reflection of the opinions expressed Analysis of methodology and conclusions Quality and coherence of the argument Written Expression this is my question: write an anlytical response identifying the research methods( quantitative or qualitative methods). word limits 700. The chosen article should have used different research method (for example, one has used a quantitative research method while the other a qualitative). . Identify the methods and if possible explain why the author believes they are appropriate to the task at hand. As much as possible, link your discussion to concepts discussed in class. For example, is the study micro or macro? Qualitative or quantitative? Survey, ethnography, archival etc.? How did the researchers draw their sample?

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