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Corporate Sustainability Management (BBMM602) Group Report (group of 2 students) DUE WEEK 5.1 Learning Outcome Assessed: a, b, and c Weighting: 30% Total Length: 2000 words Environmental Planning in Australia – Report: Go to the Australian Government, Department of the Environment website ( and conduct a background research in relation to environmental planning and urban development in Australia. From publically available information sources, find at least three good examples of Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) in Australia, or choose at least three case studies of ESD design of offices and public buildings from the file attached. Analyse the information presented and conceptualise the state of environmental planning in Australia. Analyse the relationship between urban form, community and government attitudes to natural processes, resource management and policy development. Apply innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and practice to corporate sustainability management in Australia and produce a report that summarises the current state and proposes sustainable strategies for future development. In your report, you will need to include: • Executive Summary • Introduction • Background • Situation Analysis • Environmental Management and Planning in Australia • Conclusion • Recommendations • References Note: This is a Bachelor level assignment and you will also be marked on: • overall presentation of the report (e.g. formatting, cover page, table of context, etc.) • structure of the report (e.g. headings used, flow of information, etc.) • quality of the report (e.g. language used, arguments presented and discussed, etc.) • conclusion of the report (e.g. summary of the presented information, conclusion, recommendations made, etc.) • referencing (use of external information sources, quality, validity, relevance of information, consistency of a reference style, etc.)

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