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Social Cause which I selected is child obesity
Title: IMC Strategy – Social Cause
Due Date: Class 10
Assessment Value: Worth 40% of final mark for the unit.
Length: 4,000 words Strategy Report
Learning outcomes:
Investigate various communications environments and recommend strategies for deciding which integrated marketing communications elements to use in which combinations in dynamic circumstances.
Construct a campaign utilising a range of strategies to achieve identified outcomes within a given communications environment.
You will work on an IMC Strategy
Strategy Report: Details
a. Your project: Identify a social problem that you would like to overcome, such as teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, drink driving, irresponsible young drivers, physical/emotional abuse, child obesity, etc. A useful website is the Social Issues Research Center:
b. Rationale for your project: why did you choose this project? Rationale can be from a need in the marketplace, perceived weakness in the project campaign, etc.
c. Profile of the campaign audience: what’s the demographic and psychographic profile? (The profile may already be written up in some media articles).
d. Audience perception/problem: what is your understanding of the key audience perception, attitude, lifestyle, etc that would help your campaign? Most campaigns are based on an insight of how consumers think, feel, and/or behave. (This may also be written up in some media articles or you may speculate on this).
e. Campaign objectives: what do you want your campaign to achieve?
f. What is your campaign theme or idea? Provide some rough layouts or visuals to convey your campaign idea.
g. Marketing communications strategy and tools: which tools are going to be primary and secondary; how would you use the various tools to achieve your campaign objectives? Tools to be covered are the Internet, Advertising, Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, Public Relations, and Support Media. Read up on the tools from Class 2, especially the last tool (Support Media) that will be covered only towards the last stage of your submission deadline. Read some IMC campaigns or cases to see how specific IMC tools have been used to convey the campaign idea.
h. Campaign measurement: how would you measure campaign success e.g. visits to campaign website, response, publicity generated, online survey, etc?
Assessment 2B option: IMC Strategy – Social Cause (40 marks)
TASK: Prepare an integrated marketing communications strategy for a social cause.
Formatting [4 marks]
Word-processed Times New Roman 12 point, double spacing, headings & subheadings, expression, grammar, spelling, punctuation, professional look (nicely inserted images).
Overall introduction [1 mark]
Provide a short overview of your project
Project selection and rationale [2 mark]
Describe project and rationale.
Campaign audience profile [3 marks]
Describe briefly the target consumer
Audience perception/problem [2 marks]
Describe your understanding of key audience perception, attitude, lifestyle, etc (from research) that you can use for your campaign
Campaign objectives [2 marks]
Describe your Communication objectives
Campaign idea [3 marks]
Describe your creative campaign idea and include a campaign slogan
Creative executions [3 marks]
Include some layouts or images to convey your campaign idea
Marketing communication strategy and how various tools will be used to achieve campaign objectives (You need to justify also why you use some tools more or less or none at all)
[12 marks, 2 per tool]
The Internet
Sales Promotion
Direct Marketing
Public Relations
Support Media
Measuring campaign success [2 marks]
How would you measure campaign success?
Overall conclusion [3 marks]
Provide a strong conclusion.
In-text + end-text references [3 marks]
Overall grade [40 marks]