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RHIN-­-115 Health Data and Electronic Health Records
HIT Analysis Exercise
Starts Week 2
Due End of Week 4
This exercise is intended to get you to think about some of the many moving parts that comprise any significant HIT implementation. For background we will use Case 7 from HCIS. You will assume the role of the Product Manager who has been assigned the task of planning for the new telemedicine system. For this exercise we will be working on Phase 1 of the telemedicine project and you may assume the following:
• Phase I will only involve implementation of the radiology part of the project. Behavioral health and intensive care will come in a later phase.
• Grand Hospital requires 2 radiologists to be available at all times either in person or via telemedicine.
• The radiologists need to be able to access patient records, radiological images, orders, and lab values.
• Radiologists produce textual reports that need to somehow be included in the patient record.
• While it is not listed in the case you may assume that Grand has and enterprise master patient index (EMPI).
The assignment is to produce part of a Project Charter for this project based on the example in Appendix B of HCIS. You need to include the following sections:
• Project Overview (include a brief intro and a summary of project objectives)
• Value Provided to Customers
• Business Risks
• Major Features
• Assumptions and Dependencies
In additions to these sections you should include a data flow diagram showing what data needs to go into and out of the telemedicine system. You can use either a simple block diagram or Gane-­-Sarson notation, the point here is not to worry about the format but to clearly demonstrate how the data is moving.
The trick here is that you do not have enough information to answer all these questions at this point. In order to fill in the blanks you have two tools that you can rely on. First you may make any reasonable assumptions you wish about Grand as long as you list them in the Assumptions section. Please note that only reasonable and relevant assumptions need be listed.
• The fact that Grand has electricity is a trivial fact that does not have to be listed.
• The fact that Grand has a backup generator with adequate fuel for any foreseeable event is a reasonable assumption that should be listed if it is relevant.
• The fact that Grand has its own nuclear power plant and powers everything in their care area is not reasonable.
The second tool you have at your disposal is the ability to interview senior executives at Grand. I will be playing that role via a special forum in the Week 2 block. You can ask any questions you would typically ask of your clients and I will reply in the forum. This way everyone is getting the same information and
we will probably all get some interesting ideas from the exchange. This forum will be open until
Thursday of Week 4.
• Please name your paper LastName_FirstInitial_EHR_Analysis
• Your paper should be approximately 1500-­-2000 words in length.
• Double space the body of your paper.
• Include a title page with your name, the name of the class, and the date.
• Include a footer with your name and the page number on each page.
• Clarity counts, to that end spelling, grammar, and formatting matter. This document should be intended to convince a senior manager that you have done a thoughtful analysis of the problem.
• The paper will be submitted through a dropbox located in the Week 4 block.
• Late submissions will be penalized as outlined in the syllabus.
If you have any questions about the assignment either contact me directly or post them in the course questions forum.