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Page Limit: 5 A4 pages, Times New Roman, size 12, Margins of 1.5cm with 1.5 line spacing. Referencing Vancouver. Minimum of 4 peer reviewed journal articles and maximum of 10 references.
Lead and Lead Compounds - relationship between exposure to the chemical (dose) and harm based on both human and animal studies to develop a view of the dose-effect and dose-response relationships. The research has to ascertain the threshold of harm (the amount required to give evidence of harm for the various harms) of Lead and Lead compounds. You must then compare the determined threshold of harm with the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) for Singapore and Australia. Since the OEL is the same for the 2 countries, discuss with this OEL if this is reasonable or should it be more stringent.
I need at least 4 animal studies and 4 human studies within 10 years. The studies should illustrated using tables. The table contents shall be the year of article; author; focus of study; results of the studies. The establishment of the OEL dose-effect & dose-response can be of any date.