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Assessment 3 - Written Assignment
Assessment Type Written Assignment
Purpose Assessment of acquired knowledge on objectives 1 - 9
Description Provide an overview of the toxicity of silver (Ag).
For the contaminant, discuss:
1. Sources of exposure
2. Applicable Occupational Exposure limits (OELs / PELs)
3. Toxicology associated with the contaminant. Discussion should include biotransformation and mechanisms of harm, including but not limited to absorption, distribution, accumulation & storage, target organs.
Assignment Criteria
Page limit: Eight A4 pages_ The page limit excludes the title page and the reference list
Font: Times New Roman size 12
Margins: Minimum of 2cm margins
Line Spacing: 1.5 line spacing
Assignments will only be marked up to page 8. No minimum assignment length is set, but very short assignments are unlikely to scope the topic adequately, which will be reflected in the marks awarded. Marks are also allocated far presentation and appropriate referencing, as shown in the marking scheme (Appendix A).
Weighting 30%
Length 8 pages