Recent Question/Assignment

SEMESTER 2, 2016/17

Instructions to Candidates:
Hand in date: 15.1.17
Aims of the Assignment:
1. Demonstrate sound understanding and knowledge of the different forces acting on structural elements. (LO1)
2. Demonstrate an understanding of plotting Moment and Shear Force diagrams for an assemblage of structural members. (LO5)
Additional Materials:
1. Roof and Floor Plans of a steel building.
2. Kingspan data sheet.
3. Information as required from Eurocodes.
Assignment Brief
You have information about a steel framed building.
It is an office building on 2 sites, both of which are at elevations 100m.
There is a first floor and a roof level and the roofing material is Kingspan KS1000TD topdek with 91mm core.
The first floor is made of a 150mm thick reinforced concrete slab.
You need to build a set of calculations for the following members:
• rafter
• floor beam
Permanent loading
Find the factored value for the permanent loading on the element.
Variable loading
Find the factored values for the variable loading on the element.
There will be 2 cases:
• Location 1 in Preston
• Location 2 in Aberdeen
Then, taking the floor beam as a simply supported member, provide:
The objective of the assignment is to use established guidance to determine the design loads on a structure and then to use these loads to draw the associated Shear Force and Bending Moment diagrams for one of the elements.
The report giving the answers should be set out in a logical sequence with all the information required to ensure that the loading is the worst case scenario. You will need to use tables, calculations and sketches or drawings.
The report will be equivalent to 1550 words.

Plan of the roof
Wind loading in Preston is 0.9 kN/m²
Wind loading in Aberdeen is 1.2 kN/m²

Plan of the first floor

Figure NA.1 UK Charactaristic Snow Load Map
Showing ‘Z’
Roof slope aº Coefficient µ
30º 0.8
35º 0.67
40º 0.53
50º 0.27