Recent Question/Assignment

Topic: - Diesel Particulate Matter
Description Written report & 20-minute PowerPoint presentation
Assignment Criteria (a)
PowerPoint presentation:
Each group has a maximum of 20 minutes allocated for presentation of the seminar. Presentation dates are provided in the course outline but detailed scheduling will be advised later in the course.
Attendance at the seminar presentation is compulsory. Any student who does not attend and who is not approved for adverse circumstances will be given a mark of zero for the assignment.
Check that the presentation does NOT include copied or plagiarized material. Check that the PowerPoint presentation is referenced, using an author date system for citation.
Assignment Criteria (b)
Written report
Page limits Five (5) A4 pages.
• The page limit excludes the title page, the reference list and any large (more than half page) pictures or figures.
• Assignments will only be marked to page 5.
• No minimum assignment length is set, but very short
assignments are unlikely to scope the topic adequately, which will be reflected in the marks awarded.
Font Times New Roman, size 11
Margins Minimum of 1.5cm margins
Line Spacing 1.5 line spacing
Referencing Author-date
Minimum of 4 peer reviewed journal articles
Maximum 10 references in total
Assignment Criteria
Each group will be required to prepare a seminar reviewing evidence of harm which results
from exposure to a hazardous chemical. After the groups have been finalized on 16 January
2017, each group will be allocated a hazardous substance as their topic for investigation.
The group is required to research the relationship between exposure to the chemical (dose)
and harm. You will need to research both human and animal studies to develop a view of the dose-effect and dose-response relationships. The research studies should be reviewed to try to ascertain the threshold of harm for that chemical. You must then compare the determined threshold of harm with the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) that applies for that chemical in Singapore and Australia. If there is a difference between the threshold that emerges from the review of the research studies and the quoted OEL, possible reasons for the discrepancy should be discussed.
Assignment 1: Marking Rubric
Group Assessed: _____________________________
Chemical: _____________________________
Peer assessor Name: _____________________________
Peer assessor student no: _____________________________