Recent Question/Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of marketing theory and practice by comparing the marketing approach of two companies in relation to key concepts discussed in week 1-6. This assignment requires you to integrate marketing theory and company activity to demonstrate an understanding of key marketing concepts. the report on the companies themselves, is due Friday of week 7 and should be 2500-3000 words in length (not including the executive summary, any appendices or reference list). In the final report you need to demonstrate your understanding of the marketing concepts defined in the outline by discussing them in relation to the activity of your selected companies.

Structure and content required for Part B of the report:

• Executive summary
o Include the key findings of your reports
? This is not a summary of your approach
? Is completed once the report is finalised
? It appears on a separate page at the beginning of the report
? It is included before the ‘Table of contents’

• Table of contents
o Included on a separate page
o Includes all main headings of the report
o Includes page numbers for each entry
o Ensure you know how to correctly set it out

• Introduction
o The purpose of your report
o Introduction of the two companies and two products

• Industry background
o A general description of the industry that you have selected including: industry trends, market size and other product segments – so while you may choose Coke and Pepsi, you still need to identify other segments in the discussion of the soft drink industry such as sports drinks and others to set the overall view

• Company background
o Some background information on the two companies that you have chosen including their product segments, market share, and a brief of the product that you have selected

• Macroenvironmental forces
o An analysis of the macroenvironmental forces that shape the marketing environment in relation to the industry that you have selected
? You need to at discuss at least three forces in detail

• Microenvironmental forces
o An analysis of the microenvironmental forces in relation to each company you have selected
? You need to discuss at least three forces in detail

• SWOT analysis
o Discuss the SWOT analysis for each company based on your analysis of the industry, company and macro/micro environmental forces
? Don’t forget – a SWOT should include an analysis of the key points you have already discussed in detail in your previous analysis
? No referencing is required in a SWOT analysis

• Market segmentation
o Discuss segmentation variables
? Identify the general market segments that your companies targets

• Target markets
o Identify the target markets of the two products you have selected
o Discuss the characteristics of the target market in relation to various segmentation variables
? Use a table to list the characteristics of the target markets in relation to each factor of the segmentation variables

• Targeting strategy
o Provide an explanation of the targeting strategy (undifferentiated, differentiated or concentrated?)
o How is a targeting strategy chosen?
o What targeting strategy is used by the two companies that you have chosen and why?

• Positioning strategy
o A discussion of the different positioning strategies
o What positioning strategy is used by your selected companies?

• Recommendations
o From your analysis of the industry, company, and macroenvironmental and microenvironmental forces, provide recommendations of other potential market segments that may be an option
? Ensure that you justify your reasoning

How to research information for your report

The integration of coursework theory with your research will be central to your report:
• You are encouraged to use other references from the library including journals and enhance your report
• You are also encouraged to use diagrams, charts and tables (correctly cited) to enhance your analysis
• Use the internet to source information about the industry and company or online journals
o Wikipedia, ‘’, ‘’ and any similar sites are not recognised as credible academic sources so please do not use information from these sites
• Look at newspaper/magazine advertisements
• If relevant, visit a supermarket/retailer and observe the products (observation only, no interviewing should occur)

Business report checklist

? Checklist (for Part B)
A signed cover sheet available near the assignment box

A title page
An executive summary (separate page)
A table of contents page (separate page)
Introduction (that includes the purpose of the report)
Main contents divided with clear headings and subheadings
Reference list (separate page)
• Make sure you have referenced clearly using the APA
• referencing style (check General Guide forPresentation of Academic Work publication, available from the bookshop or on-line at

Appendices (if applicable)
• One appendix per page