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Develop menus for special dietary requirements
For this ta,,k, you are to identify and present 7 different dinner menu's that cater for each of the following
dietary requirement t, (one for requirements). Each menu must incorporate sufficient choices for your
customers, ams uu (ii ivast 8 different dishes.
For each menu, you are to:
• Provide detailed recipes including recommended food preparation and cooking methods (to ensure maximum nutrition)
• Outline the nutritional information for each dish (your menu's must be nutritionally balanced)
• Consider your customer groups and include children, adolescents, and adult customers
• Costings including
O All expenditure items to determine product costs
o Portion yields and costs from raw ingredients
() Proposed sell price for each dish (to ensure profitability)
• Include at least 2 cyclic menus
Dietary Requirements
1. Kosher
2. Halal
3. Vegetarian
4. Hindi,
5. Low tat, I ow carbohydrate
6. Diabet ics
7. Hea It I ly Living (low Cholesterol, Low sodium and nutritional)
In presenting your recipes, you are to outline the standards you followed to ensure each recipe met the special dietary requirements
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