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The report should be between 400-600 words
Consider the following information:
RESEARCH REPORT #2 (These data are all artificial in relation to Type A personalities.)
Assume that the subject population for whom data are reported are all Type A personalities. The hypotheses being tested were 1) whether there was a difference in DBP risk as a function of increasing age, 2) whether there was a difference in DBP as function of gender, 3) Whether Type A men and women show the same pattern of DPB across age groups. This brings in the possibility of a statistical interaction.
The data are below. I have included a graph of the Age by Gender means. I think it will give you a good visual indicator of what is going on in the interaction.
Your Results write up must contain APA statistical notation when discussing the test results you have been given.
• Write a results section and a discussion section of a quantitative research paper, responding to the stated hypotheses in the above file.

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Word Count: 460 words

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