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Consumer Behaviour 2201
Consumer Behaviour Journal and Report Brief

Individual Assessment

Report length: 1,500 words maximum (approx 3 pages - Times New Roman Font; 11pt font size; 1.5 line spacing; normal margin size).

Assessment Weight: This Assessment is worth 100 marks with a weight of 30%

Related Learning Outcomes: ULO1, ULO2 & ULO3

Submission Details:
Hard copy of final report to be submitted to lecturer at the beginning of class in week 10 and an electronic copy to be also submitted to Turnitin (details will be provided to students by lecturer).

Section A. Consumer Behaviour Personal Journal (20 marks total)
You are to complete a Personal Consumer Behaviour Journal over a 10 consecutive day period. You are to use the Journal Template which is an excel spreadsheet available in Moodle. A minimum of 20 purchase entries and a maximum of 30 should be provided in the Journal. You have to complete the information under ALL headings of the Journal (unless it is not applicable in which case you must put n/a in the relevant cell).

The journal must be printed out and submitted with the written report (this section does not need to be submitted to Turnitin) – it is likely that the journal will exceed the normal size of an A4 page - if it is split over a few pages then it must be stapled/stuck together so that the lecturer can view the entire journal easily.

Section B. Consumer Behaviour Report (80 marks total)
This section of the report combines the details of your personal Consumer Behaviour Journal AND Consumer Behaviour theory. You will need to choose one theory from the list below to explain in your report:

• Just Noticeable Difference
• Needs and Motivation
• Classical Conditioning
• Consumer Personality
• Consumer Attitude
• Consumer Culture
• Reference Group Influence

The report must follow the structure detailed below:

1. Introduction (5 marks) (approx. ¼ page)
A clear and brief overview of the purpose of this report and what will be covered in report.

2. Explanation of Consumer Behaviour Theory (40 marks) (approx. 1 page)
Provide a detailed explanation of one Consumer Behaviour theory (using a minimum of 3
different academic sources).

3. Consumer Behaviour theory Influence on Personal Consumer Behaviour (10 marks) (approx. 3/4 page)
Discuss how this Consumer Behaviour theory influenced YOUR OWN PERSONAL CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR using specific examples from your Consumer Behaviour Journal.

4. Reflection on Personal Consumer Behaviour (10 marks) (approx. 3/4 page)
Reflect on your own personal consumer behaviour and discuss what type of consumer you are. Are you the type of consumer that purchases only the best, branded items (or does it depend on what type of product you are buying) or are you looking for the lowest price products? Do people around you have a small, medium or high influence in the products you have purchased? The answers to these questions may vary with different purchases; if this is the case then you should explain why this is and use consumer behaviour theory (minimum 1 reference) to explain your behaviour.

5. Conclusion (5 marks) (approx. ¼ page)
A clear and brief summary of the report.

Appropriate referencing – students must use a minimum of 3 academic sources and use Chicago Curtin 16th Edition referencing style. (5 marks)

Correct grammar, spelling, English expression and format. (5 marks)