Recent Question/Assignment

Assignment Instructions
Select ONE of the CBRN categories, then pick ONE particular agent from that category and based on our readings this term, place yourself in the role of a terrorist and offer your perspective of how a terrorist event could be conducted in your hometown and then provide your perspective on how to prevent such an attack and support your work by a variety of academic material to give your opinion more validity.

Your essay should approximately 5 pages. You will need to have a cover page or the reference page; however, they are NOT included in the page count for your essay. All references should be cited using the in-text parenthetical Turabian format. Be sure to make a clear thesis statement and argument and use examples to support your analysis.

The paper should be approximately 5 pages for the body of your work, double spaced (cover and reference pages are required - note that they are not factored into your page count). Appropriate writing requirements using in-text Turabian style formatted citations and compiling a complete reference list in accordance with the Turabian guidance are part of the requirement.

Save your work as a Microsoft Word document entitled 'YourLastNamewk#.doc' (i.e., Smith1.doc) and upload this document as your assignment.

Your work should consist of:
• Introduction (this will have a well-defined purpose statement in your intro paragraph that provides guidance to the reader about what you are going to cover in your paper.)
• Selected CBRN Agent background
• Proposed Terrorist Scenario
• Prevention Strategy(s)
• Conclusion
All written submissions should be submitted in a font and page set-up that is readable and neat. It is required that students adhere to the Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 7th Edition format, which is described below and is a requirement of the APUS School of Security and Global Studies. Assignments completed in a narrative essay or composition format must follow Turabian guidelines. This course will require students to use the in-text parenthetical citation and reference list style established by Kate L. Turabian, in which case students should follow the guidelines set forth in A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations ( 7th ed). Chicago, Illinois: University of Chicago Press format. Specifically refer to sections 18 and 19 in the manual from p. 216 through p. 280.