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Vaiman & Vance is quite reflective this week. Chapter 7 is about identity and “re-inventing” oneself – which means we must first “know ourselves”. Finally we get to the root of the situation – we can develop and find and manage talent – but first, we must know our strengths and limitations as we realistically accept the task of dealing with human beings. Chapter 8 speaks to the importance of rewarding employees for what they do – not who they are within the organization based on title or seniority.

Schweyer tells us that when taking a 360 degree view of an employee, reward and recognition “completes” the picture of the 7 step process. Note that step 6 of this 7 step process focuses on personality assessment.


Please conduct research and prepare a “mini-paper” on the “Big Five” personality types:
• Please list each of the Big Five personality types
• Please list the characterizations for each personality type
• Please provide your opinion of the strength and weakness of each personality type and why you feel this way
• Then identify a way to “reward” the strength and “mitigate/correct” the weakness.

Desired Format:
• Please provide a total of at least 5 pages (1 title page, 3 pages of content with citations as appropriate, 1 reference page).
• Please “organize/categorize/create headings within” your paper based on each personality type
• Please use at least 3 scholarly sources (Galileo)
• double-space your paper
• 1 inch margins all sides.

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