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I would like for you to write the following: (these three sections only)

*The Introduction of the paper
*Sexual harassment law definition
*Facts of the case

This is all that you need to do. This should be 1 ½ - 2 pages. This is a Human Resource Class. The text book for the class is called “Employment Law for Human Resource Practice” by David J. Walsh fourth edition…..

Sexual Harassment

Jane, who worked in a supermarket bakery, complained of sexually charged mistreatment by Susie, a female coworker. Susie smacked Jane’s buttocks on at least six occasions, molded dough into shapes resembling genitalia and shoved them into Jane’s face, sculpted a dough shape resembling a penis and asked Jane if it was “too big,” pushed Jane up against a wall and held her there for 10 to 15 seconds while she demonstrated how she would conduct a rape, rubbed two of Jane’s fingers together and said that was what a penis felt like, and showed Jane Barbie dolls that Susie had placed in sexual positions. Susie regularly told dirty jokes to Jake, one of the store managers; baked sexually explicit cakes that were displayed to male and female coworkers and managers; struck other male and female employees on the buttocks; and engaged in simulated sex acts with both male and female employees, including Jake. Susie was not alone in this behavior as several other employees also told dirty joke and created dough or cake penises and genitalia. Jane alleged that her complaints to managers regarding 50-100 incidents of sexual harassment were ignored. She sued for sexual harassment. What should the court decide? Why?

Your paper should follow APA format, and the body of the paper should be no longer than five double-spaced pages (make sure there is no additional spacing before or after paragraphs). The title page and references do not count toward the five-page maximum.

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