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Requirements of the Coursework Assessment
The module is assessed by coursework. A short assignment worth 30% of the overall module mark is to be submitted on 1st April
The purpose of the relative low weighting of the first assignment is to give you some feedback and help you to do well in the second larger piece of work.
The assignments should be presented in basic report style. This means in appropriate formal writing style, with contents page, sections and subsections, a clear introduction and conclusion etc. Some guidance on report style is given in at the student guide. You will see on the marking criteria that some marks will be allocated to presentation so make sure that your work is checked for spelling and grammar and is well laid-out.
To undertake these assignments you will need to carry out library research and read beyond the main text. You must use relevant literature in your reports to show the sources of your material and to provide evidence to support your arguments. This must be referenced correctly using the Harvard format, and a bibliography provided.
Assignment 1 (approximately 1,000 words)
Using employee voice frameworks and theory, compare and contrast the practices of Collective Bargaining and Joint Consultation, as a means by which employees may influence management decision making.