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Teaching Period 1, 2014 EDU10004 Theories of Teaching and Learning Assessment 1: Presentation Word limit: 1000 (+/- 10%) Weighting: 30% Due date: 9am AEDT Monday 31 March (Week 4)
Assessment overview
This assignment requires you to tell a story that articulates your views about learning. You can tell this story in the most interesting, creative way you are able.
This presentation will be told using a narrative that is either real or imagined. This means you can tell a story that reflects your learning experiences, those of someone you know, or, you can make up a fictitious story that answers the key questions.
You can illustrate your narrative with pictures and images such as one might when creating a picture book – however this is not a story written for children but of course, could be about children’s learning.
These are your own views, not those of others, nor is it to be dominated by what the literature says on the topics. Be sure to articulate clearly who and what informs your views. These will include:
? people around you including current and former teachers ? literature you have read on the subject ? your life experiences in both formal and informal educational settings.
Assessment details This is an individual assessment activity and you need to: 1. Create a presentation (the equivalent of 1000 words) using a word document, Prezi, storyboard or Powerpoint. 2. Develop a story that depicts your understanding and experience of “learning” and what is meant by “learning theories”. You do not need to use learning theories, although you can if you choose, but rather show an understanding of what they are and their purpose in learning. 3. Make sure your story highlights the links between learning and experience. 4. Tell your story within the presentation using audio functions that enable you to read aloud or ‘voice over’ your work. 5. Illustrate your story with images and illustrations. 6. Provide a written transcript of your story for marking. 7. Provide a written description that states who or what has informed your believes with a minimum or six sources or references
For a great example of a told story about an educational experience, take a look at this youtube video of comedian Brian Regan’s “Stupid in School”

EDU10004 Theories of Teaching and Learning
Assessment criteria 1. Create an engaging presentation containing clear and relevant information. 2. Create a narrative that expresses your view and experience of learning. 3. Recognition and description of the complexities of learning and learning theories. 4. Reference to relevant readings and sources.

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