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Assignment - Research Proposal
For this assignment you are required to plan, develop and write a qualitative research proposal on a topic related to refugee/humanitarian entrants to Australia. There is no restriction on what your research topic might be, only that you must plan to sample participants who are refugee/humanitarian entrants.
Note: You will not actually conduct the research. That is you will not have to conduct interviewing or analyse data.
In the introduction section of your proposal you will need to identify the research topic you want to investigate. Then briefly summarise the relevant literature, outline the rationale, the significance of the research and specify your research question. There should be sections on the research design which provides a description of your methodology, participants, materials, and procedures. Finally there needs to be a brief discussion section.
The criteria that will be used for assessing your proposal are below.
1) Cover pages: Provide a brief title for your research proposal and your name and then on a separate page an Abstract
2) Body of the Proposal:
You must provide some background literature and a rationale, which explicates your research purpose.
• ?Start with an overview of the research issue that will identify your research area, what you want to understand about the topic you choose to investigate, and why it is important to investigate this topic.
• ?Provide the background literature. This literature provides the rationale for the research. It argues for a gap in the existing literature and thus how your research will build upon the relevant extant literature in psychology. Your argument should include the need for qualitative research and for your approach.
• ?End with a statement of the qualitative research question(s) which informs the reader on the intent of your study.
Research Design:
Here provide a description of your intended methodology. This will section will tell the reader how you intend to fulfil your research quest. The subsections describe processes such as how you will collect data and from whom, what you will do with it, and how you will verify any interpretations of the data.
You must include all the standard design subsections.
• ?Methodology: This subsection describes the theoretical framework that will guide your research methodology and provides a description of the methodology you will use and how it applies to your research questions.
• ?Participants: You should describe your proposed participant(s) with enough information to give their context but without personally identifying them.
• ?Materials: List the materials that you will use to help collect/analyse your data.
• ?Procedures: Outline in detail all of your qualitative research procedures. This will link to your methodology. It could include things like your method and process of recruitment or approach to selecting participants, inclusion/exclusion criteria, location and setting up an interview, adjusting for any ethical or cultural sensitivities, consent procedures, risk prevention, the interview approach and style, and, procedures for analysing the data. Include any strategies for building the rigour of your research.
What are the implications of your proposed research? Here address the ‘so what’ question. Why this research is relevant and meaningful, useful, what will we learn, and how might future research be directed? Identify any anticipated outcomes such as potential contributions to new knowledge in the research field, or new practices or policies, and benefits to participants and the wider community.
APA formatted reference list about 11 recent journal articles not less than 10 years.
3. Appendix A:
On a separate page include an interview protocol with 5 interview questions.
Total 11 pages excluding (Title page-1page, references-1page and Appendix-1page)

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