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Assessment Item 1
Description/Focus: Reflective essay
Value: 25%
Due date: Week 7
Late submissions will result in marks being deducted.
Approximately 1000 words
Using a TV show that utilises a laboratory, each student will reflect on their laboratory tour experience and write a short reflective essay.
TV Comparison (5 marks)
Using your chosen TV show, compare the similarities and differences between the two laboratories.
Personal Reflection (10 marks)
Students will detail their personal experience on touring the hospital laboratory.
Some of the discussions you may wish to include are:
• Did the portrayal of the TV show laboratory influence your degree choice
• Did the TV show accurately portray the laboratory and has the tour changed your opinion of laboratory work
Remember this is reflective piece of writing, so you will need to include your reaction and emotions of the experience
Formatting (5 marks)
All essays should be a word processed document, containing a header or footer with your name, student ID and page numbers.

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