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MMH707 Managing Change and
Trimester 1, 2014

Assessment Details Assignment 1

Assessment Overview

Due Date: 7 April 2014

Format/Assignment Type: Critical Essay

Marks: 50% of total marks

Word limit: Essay = 3000-3500 words maximum (plus cover page and reference list)

Note: Assignment to be completed individually

Essay Topic

You are to research and prepare an academic essay on one of the following topics:

1. While some commentators argue that organisations must develop a capacity for rapid and continuous change, others are arguing that organisations should attempt instead to introduce ‘painless’ change. Critically evaluate the two side of this debate and assess which has the stronger claim in the current environment.


2. With reference to Lewin’s classic model, critically evaluate whether or not it desirable or even possible to refreeze organisations in the current environment.

Regardless of which topic is chosen, the essay task requires you to critically discuss and debate the topic statement.

You will be assessed on the quality of sources of information, how well you use these resources to support your arguments and your referencing skills. You are expected to use at least ten (10) different academic sources. These include text books and at least eight (8) articles from academic journals. The use of WIKIPEDIA online encyclopaedia is not allowed. Use of Wikipedia may result in a fail grade. Online academic databases such as Proquest DO NOT count as (www) internet references and you are welcome to use them. You must use the Harvard referencing system to acknowledge your sources of information (both in-text and as a reference list at the end).
Definition of key word

Key word Definition
Critically Evaluate Offer your own judgement as to what extent you think a theory, statement or proposition is realistic or true, discussing both the limitations and benefits. Your judgment should be based upon research evidence or research findings and should include arguments and evidence for and against.

Formatting Instructions

Critical Essay Format and Referencing

Your essay must be typed, using 12-point font and a line spacing of 1.5. Pages should be numbered. The essay should be properly referenced, using the Harvard (Author- Date) system of referencing. Useful information and guidance on referencing can be found on the Academic Skills website or by following the links in the Assessment area on CloudDeakin.
The required essay structure is as follows:
• Cover page listing essay topic and student name
• Introduction (which should outline the aim of the essay, the key points being discussed, and the structure of essay). An executive summary and contents page is not required.
• Body of essay (which should be set out in paragraph writing, ie. no dot points or “lists”) – minimal use of headings
• Conclusions (which should revisit your key arguments and your final comments on the essay topic)
• Reference List

Marking Criteria
The content of the essay paper will be awarded a mark out of 50, with the following template being used by markers to assess your essay. Please take the time to review these marking criteria.

Analysis and Interpretation Essay Writing Skills

Analytical and critical interpretation of the topic provided (not just a description or summary).
Critical analysis presented of opposing views.
Relevance of any quotes used is clearly integrated, explained and supported, and provides value-add to discussion.
Discussion and supporting material clearly draws-out and analyses key themes of the essay topic. Does not present unsupported personal opinion.
Examples (where used) are clearly relevant, illustrative and integrated into issues under discussion.

Clear introduction that briefly outlines the approach taken in essay (ie. identifies how key themes will be explored).
Discussion is cohesively and logically written and structured, with clear links between issues established and attention being paid to paragraph structure.
Discussion includes an appropriate balance of quotes and paraphrasing.
Conclusion draws together and summarises the main issues emerging from critical analysis. No new material included here. Attention to issues of grammar, such as spelling and sentence structure.
Research Referencing and Presentation

Makes extensive use of academic journal articles.
References are used to support arguments and ideas.
Argumentation does not rely on only one or two articles or books.
Minimum requirement of 10 scholarly journal articles and textbooks evident.

Arguments and ideas of others are acknowledged, and in-text citations correctly presented using Harvard referencing style.
All references cited in the text are included in list of references, and all sources are correctly formatted using Harvard referencing style. Formatted according to essay guidelines provided--eg. spacing, title page etc.
• Essay submitted according to policy.

Submission and Assessment Policy

Submission and Assessment Information for Critical Essay
All essays are to be submitted online in CloudDeakin in the provided assignment drop box in CloudDeakin.

Assignments are on time if they are submitted online by the due date. Test the assignment submission area ahead of the due date to be sure your computer is functioning correctly. It is your responsibility to locate a properly functioning PC to submit the assignment on time.

Academic Honesty
You will be asked to confirm the following declaration relating to academic honesty when you make your online submission:
“I certify that the attached work is entirely my own (or, where submitted to meet the requirements of an approved group assignment, is the work of the group), except where material quoted or paraphrased is acknowledged in the text. I also declare that it has not been submitted for assessment in any other unit or course.”

Extensions and Late Submissions
No extensions will be considered for assignment submission due dates unless a written request is submitted to and negotiated with the unit chair. Assignments submitted late without an extension being granted will not be marked.

Return of marked assignments and requests for reviews
Your assignment will be marked, commented upon and returned to you online within 15 working days of the due date of the assignment. All variances to due date initiated by students, whether negotiated or otherwise, mean that feedback on the critical essay may not be returned in time for the final examination.

Please note that before results are returned to you, the teaching team will have applied methods to ensure that the standards by which your work has been assessed are the same for all students enrolled in the unit. You may request additional information from assessors or checks on addition or recording errors within 15 working days after your results have been returned to you. Please contact the unit chair/coordinator directly.