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Assessment item 2
Leadership, Decision Making & Ethics
Value: 45%
Due date: 10-Apr-2014
Return date: 01-May-2014
Length: 2500 Words
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
Effective leadership, decision making and ethical management are linked both in theory and in practice.How may leaders ensure organisational decisions are made ethically? Use examples to illustrate your argument from organisations with which you are familiar.
This assignment is designed to:
familiarise students with the various theories concerning decision making, leadership and managerial ethics;
encourage students to discern the strengths and weaknesses of the wide array of theoretical contributions;
encourage students to use empirical evidence to support their arguments.
Marking criteria
Your assignment will be assessed according to the extent to which it has:
answered the question set, kept to the topic and covered only relevant issues;
shown adequate use of a range of academic resources (e.g., journal articles, management books) to support arguments and recommendations;
taken a critical orientation to the topic, theories and readings;
built a sound argument using analysis, explanation and interpretation;
incorporated original thinking based on a clear evaluation of evidence, treating sources critically and acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses;
provided a well structured, clear and consistent line of reasoning across the assignment, including an effective introduction and conclusion;
demonstrated readability (this relates to structure; clarity of expression; explanations; linkages and flow; grammar and spelling; use of headings; correct referencing and presentation).

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