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IFN503: Assessment 2 – Deliverable 1 ; Individual
Due Date: 11.59 pm, 30th august 2018
Submission: Online via Blackboard (Details to be provided later)
Weighting: 17.5%; Total Marks: 100
Question 1
What is the ASCII representation of each character in the string +35.95 in the following number systems?
(16 marks)
Question 2
Represent the fixed point decimal number -85.625 in IEEE 754 floating point format. Express your final answer in hexadecimal showing all the working.
(24 marks)
Consider a hypothetical floating point format which is similar to IEEE format except that it uses 6 bit excess-31 notation for the exponent and 25 bits for the mantissa in a 32 bit machine. Represent the decimal number from part (a) in hexadecimal using this hypothetical format. Show all the working.
(10 marks)
Question 3
You have to output the result when the following expression is executed for two numbers: n_1 and ? n?_2 .
(n_1 * n_2 )^2
Draw a flowchart to do the above.
(10 marks)
Write a Little Man Computer program that will produce the required output.
(40 marks)
The user is permitted to enter only the two numbers, n_1 and n_2.
Use the concepts of the Little Man Computer introduced in Lecture 4 only.
Use only the executable LMC1.exe (provided with Tutorial 3) to test your program. Do not use symbolic addressing concepts.
You will need to submit the assignment in Microsoft Word file only.

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