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Assignment One - Human Services Concept Paper
Assessment One: Human Services Concept Paper
Weight: 30 percent
Due Date: September 7
Length: 1,500 words maximum (Not including references)
You must select one of the following concepts that are used to theoretically understand the manner in which care is organised in society. These are:
• Active ageing
• The ethic of care
• The social model of disability
• Professionalisation
• Total Institutions
• Emotional labour
• Global care chains
• Quasi Markets

Your task is to describe what the concept is and its relevance to understanding care and or human services, using academic literature on the concept. You will be required to:
• Define and describe the concept as accurately as possible, using the academic literature to do this. This should include describing 2-3 theoretical approaches to this concept
• Discuss the value of the concept for understanding how care and or human services is understood or organised in society.
This assessment aims to develop your understanding of how care is socially organised and the value of social theory for understanding practical issues associated with the provision of human services and care.
Your assessment will be marked on the basis that you:
• Provide a clear description of the concept.
• Are able to demonstrate the application of the concept for understanding care and or human services.
• Engage with and utilise academic literature to discuss the concept.
• Demonstrate you have researched the concept by providing a list of relevant academic references that you have used for the purposes of this assignment.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1767 words including References

Title: Active ageing

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