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Certificate III in Information, Digital Media Technology (ICT30115)
Care for computer hardware
You must complete all sections of this workbook in order to finish the assignment
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1) What are the key safety considerations when working with computer hardware and anything that requires mains-power?
2) Explain in detail why computer hardware is important. You must also identify what can happen if a computer is not serviced at regular intervals.
3) List and describe at least two ‘system protection devices’ that can be used with computer hardware.
4) What are the key storage (the physical location of) principles for computer hardware, associated peripherals and media?
5) List the essential maintenance tasks that a typical computer requires and determine how often each of these should be done. You should present this ‘maintenance schedule’ in simple table format.
6) Under what circumstances would unserviceable components be required to:
• Be replaced by manufacturer or store warranty
• Be replaced by identical hardware
• Be upgraded by more recent hardware
7) Explain how you can use the operating system (Windows) and third party diagnostic software to perform diagnostic functions.
8) Discuss in detail what quality levels are expected from those carrying out a computer service or maintenance. You should aim to discuss how quality is recorded.
9) List and describe at least two common security issues that impact on computer hardware
10) Explain in detail what drivers are and what their relationship is to computer hardware
11) Describe at least three potential environmental effects of common hardware

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