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4. Assessment on this module
4.1.1 Element 010– ASSIGNMENT 3000 WORDS (100%)
Element Type of assessment Word or
time limit % of Total Mark Submission method Final Submission Date
010 ASSIGNMENT 3000 WORDS 3000 words 100% hard copy No later than 11th May 2019
Successful marketing involves providing superior value to customers through the creation of a value proposition that matches their values. Using appropriate marketing concepts/models, investigate the perceived customer value of a company of your choice addressing the following areas:
Mark Learning Outcome
1. Using suitable models identify the customer perceived value for the customers for a company of your choice 20 4
2. Critically evaluate the existing value proposition for the one you have chosen. Compare and contrast the value proposition with that of the leading competitor in its sector. 20 1-2
3. Benchmark the two value propositions, comparing and contrasting as appropriate, and reaching a justified conclusion[s] 20 1-2
4. In light of your analysis of your existing value proposition and what you have learnt in this module produce a new value proposition that will match the value criteria of the customers. 20 3
5. Produce a plan to implement the value proposition externally and internally 20 3
Important: You are allowed to submit assignments up to five working days after the published (or extended) deadline. If you do so, the element of assessment to which the assignment contributes will be capped at 40%. You are requested to keep a copy of your work (excluding exams).
You are entitled to feedback on your performance for all your assessed work. For all assessment tasks which are not examinations, this is accomplished by a member of academic staff providing your mark and associated comments which will relate to the achievement of the module’s intended learning outcomes and the assessment criteria you were given for the task when it was first issued.
The marker of your assignment will include feedback on written assignments that includes answers to these three key questions:
1. What is your overall feedback?
2. How does your assignment compare to the marking criteria?
3. How can you improve in the future?
Examination scripts are retained by Anglia Ruskin and are not returned to students. However, you are entitled to feedback on your performance in an examination and may request a meeting with the Module Leader or Tutor to see your examination script and to discuss your performance.
Anglia Ruskin is committed to providing you with feedback on all assessed work within 20 working days of the submission deadline or the date of an examination. This is extended to 30 days for feedback for a Major Project module (please note that working days excludes those days when Anglia Ruskin University is officially closed; e.g.: between Christmas and New Year). Personal tutors will offer to read feedback from several modules and help you to address any common themes that may be emerging.
On occasion, you will receive feedback and marks for pieces of work that you completed in the earlier stages of the module. We provide you with this feedback as part of the learning experience and to help you prepare for other assessment tasks that you have still to complete. It is important to note that, in these cases, the marks for these pieces of work are unconfirmed. This means that, potentially, marks can change, in either direction!
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Hard copy assignments (Associate College partners)
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