Recent Question/Assignment

Critically discuss the particular determinants of demand for Toyota Motor Corporation Global benchmarking them against the theory. The determinants include: - Price, Income, Prices of Related Products, Consumer Preferences, Expectations.
Clearly show how each determinant influences demand of the Toyota Product and its effect on the firms profitability.
Show how Toyota’s determinants of demand actually interact and influence each other.
Explain what is elasticity of demand and explain how the different types show responsiveness related to Toyota Motor Vehicles and more importantly the type of goods and its influence on profitability.
(Necessity vs Luxury, Availability of Close Substitutes, Definition of the Market, Time Horizon)
Notes to follow: -
Please use journals and articles rather than books and google for the period 2009-2018 to benchmark the determinants against the theory and to support your answer.
Do not use direct quotes but rather paraphrase
Please use graphs, charts, diagrams, demand curves and elasticity curves to illustrate answers and profitability
Need this assignment urgently.