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1:27 MI 4G
Assessment Information
Subject Code: MBA402
Subject Name: Governance, Ethics, and Sustainability
Assessment Title: Code of Conduct
Weighting: 30%
Total Marks: 30
Word Limit: 2,000 words
Due Date: Monday of Week 7, 11:55pm AEST
Assessment Description
You are required to research recent news articles and other information about National Australia Bank.
You must then draft a Code of Conduct for National Australia Bank that specifically addresses:
A. Discrimination
B. Exploitation
C. Corruption
D. Dishonest and Fraudulent Behaviour
E. Whistleblower Protections
F. Enforcement
You will be required to include a minimum of 15 references in your Code of Conduct at least 5 of which must come from academic journals or textbooks.
For further guidance here are the links to three example company codes of conduct:
1. Wesfarmers -
2. Stockland -
3. Woolworths - docs/183764 Code of Conduct.pdf
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Assessment Information
Marking Rubric
F (Fail) P (Pass)
0%-49% 50%-64%
CR (Credit)
D (Distinction)
75% - 84%
HD (High Distinction) 85%, 00%
t (Subject Specific) OUT OF 80 MARKS
Code of Conduct does not Discrimination is sufficiently Specific examples of A detailed explanation of the Discrimination is
adequately explain the explained in the Code of discrimination are concept of discrimination is comprehensively explaine
concept of discrimination. Code of Conduct fails to Conduct. Discrimination is expressly prohibited but included in the Code of Conduct to support provided for in the Code of Conduct supported by supported by directly rele, examples. Such discrimin
expressly prohibit more information required to accurate explanation. relevant examples. Such is expressly prohibited by
discrimination. clarify the forms of behavior that amount to discrimination. Express prohibition of discrimination included making it clear that specific examples of behavior provided are discrimination is expressly prohibited by the Code of Conduct. Code of Conduct with cro: reference made to potent, sanctions in the Enforcem section.