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My essay topic and response on my work
Ramzan Lakhani
Wednesday Apr 24 at 10:15pm
1) Mental illness is a serious concern and is already impacting the Next Generation.
My essay would highlight some interesting facts about the current situation in relation to mental issues. Some psychologist genius has their say on the future development of the children’s mind can be modified and its impact.
2) My personal knowledge on this essay is firstly I am taking a class for General Psychology, which teaches me how a human being suffers through mental illness, develops stress and gets depressed through the personal past sufferings and negative experiences in a life cycle. Secondly, my personal interests in the subject are when I see people around me indulge in violent reactions and use of abusive speech around young kids hooked up too social media and get influenced is my major concern.
3) I have been reading about mental illness and have come across some interesting facts and articles from some sources which provide evidence that mental illness is a disease which is developing at a rapid pace in everyone from children to college students to adults. One of the main concerns is that mental illness is spreading and can be found in almost many people. One of the major impacts has been the American people and how it impacts their productivity in any work we do.
Eisenberg, Daniel, Lattie, Emily and Lipson Sarah. “Technology and College Student Mental Health: Challenges and Opportunities.” Frontiers in Psychiatry;
The authors Emily Lattie (Assistant professor, Northwestern University, Clinical Psychology) and Sarah Lipson (Assistant professor, Boston University, Public Mental Health) and Prof. Daniel Eisenberg talk about how stress and depression have increased in college students. Prof. Daniel Eisenberg who is an Associate Professor of Health Management and Policy at the University of Michigan. His broad research goal is to improve understanding of how to invest effectively and efficiently in the mental health of young people. They have come up together to describe the challenges and opportunities for college student mental health issues and to highlight opportunities for new research and development in this area.
4) I would be writing on how people need to work on taking mental illness issues like stress, depression seriously and should be reported as soon as experienced. People who consider cancer, diabetes and heart disease as important should also consider mental illness major than those diseases as mental issues are developed from the workings of brain, emotions, and feelings. It can cause major effects in a human being. We must consider mental illness as a major issue as it has been widespread in the young generation and has been impacting lives.

Professor’s feedback and expectations on the essay.
James Wright
Yesterday Apr 25 at 7:11am
Thanks for the solid response, Ramzan.
Your goal at this point is to find a way to make your approach suitably argumentative. As it stands now, your approach is overly broad and on its way to becoming a report and not the required argument to convince (who would disagree with you that mental illness is something to take seriously?). Work to locate an aspect on the issue on which you can place your argumentative attention (perhaps there's legislation that needs to be passed, or services that need to be provided to certain groups of people, etc). As you continue to conduct your research, you should be able to find a specific point of entry that is viable for an assignment like essay 2.
You also need to decide upon a target audience for your coverage.
Full credit.