Recent Question/Assignment

As tutor has given feedback to proposal, so we just need to follow the proposal and start the dissertation
Topic has to be the same meaning, but you can proofread it
We only need to send three drafts to tutor at this dissertation:
14th Jul (could be delayed to 16th Jul) - Draft of LR and Methodology (Student has finished a little bit on LR, but student and tutor are unsatisfied, so we need to redo the whole LR based on previous LR outline and tutor's feedback)
21st Jul (could be delayed to 23rd Jul) - Full LR +Develop methodology + complete data collection and present preliminary results
15th Aug - First complete draft
26th Aug - Final submit draft (with abstract, acknowledgement, formatting, appendices)
Word Count:
16,000 words
Proposal Feedback, PFA
handbook, PFA
Previous LR Feedback, PFA (you can redo it but in similar outline and feedback)
Timeline from university:
15-Jul-19 Complete literature review
22-Jul-19 Develop methodology, complete data collection and present preliminary results
18-Aug-19 Submit draft of dissertation to your supervisor (to be sent by email) End of supervision
31-Aug-19 Submit final copy of dissertation to Student Support Office